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Pfizer GrantsMost people probably don’t realize that the drug giant Pfizer got its start in the mid 19th century, when cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart borrowed a meager $2,500 from a family member to create a new company. Pfizer’s first product was an antiparasitic used to treat intestinal worms. 165 years later, the company is one of the world’s largest drug makers. And while most of us have heard of Lipitor and Viagra, the pharmaceutical company produces almost 200 brands of drugs including some that are at the forefront of the fight against Alzheimer’s.

Almost all companies of this size give back through corporate responsibility programs, but Pfizer’s contribution here is quite large. As one of the world’s largest drug makers, it operates six different patient assistance programs. It also makes outside charitable investments through a generous amount of grants and corporate contributions. These grants support global health organizations and fund clinical trials. Pfizer has also taken a corporate stance on environmental stewardship called Green Journey that is focused on climate change and protecting our environment. Below you’ll find a full listing of what Pfizer offers and how to apply for their grants.

Pfizer Helpful Answers Patient Assistance Programs
Pfizer offers six different programs to help patients get access to lifesaving drugs. These programs help patients receive free drugs through doctors offices, pharmacies, health centers and hospitals. They also offer discounts and reimbursements. If you are prescribed a Pfizer medication, take a moment to look over these programs to see if they can help you save on your monthly medication costs or provide you with completely free prescriptions.

Non-Profit Healthcare Organization Grants
Pfizer also supports outside programs through funding for non-profit organizations providing healthcare to patients. Organizations must hold 501c3 status. Funding is also available to groups performing advocacy services and to professional medical associations. Applications are accepted quarterly with deadlines of January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15. Visit the link above to access Pfizer’s online grant system and apply.

Independent Grants for Learning and Change
Pfizer offers this grant program to fund initiatives that explore clinical science and translate this work into new methodology for patient care. Funding is available across five strategic areas. These are vaccines, oncology, infectious disease, women’s health and pain and inflammation. Requests for proposals are regularly updated on the Pfizer website. For more information about this program, visit the above link or write to

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