Yoga Grants Expand Diversity in Yoga Programs and Communities

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Yoga GrantsAll of these yoga organizations have a few things in common. They support yoga outreach programs that make yoga more accessible especially in underserved communities and populations. Their grants support the work of yoga teachers. They offer training and resources as well to the yoga community to facilitate the spread of diverse yoga programs.

Give Back Yoga Foundation
This foundation provides grant support to programs that seek to make yoga available in underserved socio-economic groups. It looks to support creative and original projects that explain their potential impact with a clear purpose and set of goals. Potential projects must show an ability to continue after the grant period has passed. Some of the projects the foundation has funded in the past targeted groups such as returning veterans, prison populations, children with cancer, single mothers and people with cognitive and physical disabilities. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with the Board of Directors reviewing applications four times each year. Submit your finished application form via email at

Teaching For Diversity Program
This grant opportunity is available to members of the Kripalu Yoga Teachers Association and the International Association of Black Yoga Teachers only. Funding is provided mainly to be used to teach yoga in a disadvantaged school program. It can also be used to provide yoga training to ethnic minorities or any population considered to be socially, economically or physically challenged. The average grant awarded is for $500. The program accepts applications yearly starting December 1. To apply fill out the application available on the program website and return it to

Yoga Activist Maggio Grant
This non-profit organization’s mission is to support yoga teachers who provide yoga experiences in diverse communities. It offers training and education resources to new teachers and networking across the yoga world. It provides a mat donation program that provides yoga props to programs nationwide. In addition to the mat program, it offers the yearly $300 Maggio Grant to a teacher, student or organization featured through the Yoga Activist website. The funding provided by the grant will go to further the yoga outreach program run by the recipient.

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  1. Sarah Dexter says:

    Hi I am interested in taking a yoga alliance teacher training course this summer. I am a phys. ed teacher in a low socioeconomic area in Maine and want to teach yoga along with all it’s benefits to my students and staff. The training is $2,500. I am unable to afford this as I am a single mom of four children. Are there any grants that i could qualify for?

    • Hello Sarah, Unfortunately there are no grants being offer for a yoga alliance teacher training course. The best opportunity you have for getting funded is to check with your local yoga association like this one We will update this article as new information becomes available so feel free to check back periodically.

    • Brandy McCarley says:

      If there is a lifetime fitness gym in your area. they offer payment plans and scholarships for their teacher training program.

  2. Mayra says:

    Good afternoon, I am a Yoga instructor here in the South Florida region. I have noticed the limited amount of programs for children offering Yoga. I would love to connect with a martial arts studio to perhaps rent a space to teach children the many advantages of yoga. where can i locate an appropriate type of grant for my vision?

    • Hello Mayra, It sounds like a great program your looking to start. Are you going to be starting this in a low income area? Are you a minority yourself? There are no specific grants that fill your criteria. If you can express a real community need for your service you my qualify for a more general grant.

  3. Thom says:

    We are looking for a grant to support yoga for Veterans in an underserved area along the Oregon North Coast. We have a certified yoga teacher who is willing to “pilot” this program and a pcp who is supportive. We would like to be able to offer a stipend to keep this program going as we seek support and funding within our budget restrictions.

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