What is a student grant?

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questionNot everybody is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. There are plenty of students out there who deserve to go to college, but fall back in terms of financial means. Some students get loans, and spend quite a long time repaying these loans. However, the government provides remedies to students. These remedies are known as student grants. Student grants are also referred to as gift aid since the money obtained through grants do not have to be repaid.

Grants are aids that the government provides to students for education based on two things: merit and need.

Merit-based grants are for students who perform outstandingly in some activity or academics. Activities like basketball, swimming, etc, or academic excellence, which is mainly just scoring extraordinarily and topping the class.

Need-based grants on the other hand are for students who find it difficult to pay for their college education.

The U.S. Department of Education in an attempt to help the students is offering various federal grants for students who wish to attend four-year colleges and universities and community colleges.

Here are the grants that the U.S. Department of Education offers:

  • Federal Pell Grant: Federal Pell Grants are not to be repaid and are awarded only to undergraduate students for a bachelor’s or professional degree.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: Students who have been awarded the Federal Pell Grant will receive the FSEOGs before other students. Students must fill the FSEOG form, which will enable the college to determine the amount that a student will receive as a grant.
  • TEACH Grant: A Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant is a grant which the government provides to students in return for teaching services for a stipulated amount of time. However, if the student fails to abide by the conditions that were agreed upon, the grant becomes repayable.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant: If any of the student’s parents died during military service either in Iraq or Afghanistan, the student may become eligible for this grant. There is a framed eligibility criteria for this grant.

To find more information about the grants provided by the government, visit studentaid.ed.gov grants and scholarships page.

The terms “grants” and “scholarships” are generally used interchangeably. There is a minor difference in both the terms, though. Scholarships are awarded for excellence in academics, sports, and other activities. Grants are awarded to students who lack financial means.

Apart from the government, even colleges and private organizations help with financial aids for students’ education. Grants and scholarships awarded by colleges are generally stricter than other sources of obtaining grants. Private organizations also may help students financially. Private organizations such as parents’ employer, family’s religious center, and other organizations provide financial aid to students who face difficulty funding their college education.

These are only some of the many ways to obtain grants and scholarships. College tuition fees are sky-rocketing as the time goes by and students continue to struggle financially for obtaining a college degree in order to getting a decent job. This is the reason the government, and many other private organizations are playing their part in helping students in good faith. Even colleges provide grants and scholarships to students. College grants can be need-based, merit-based, or a combination of both of these.

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