U.S. Corporate Grants Supporting Healthcare and Charities

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Corporate Grants Supporting Healthcare and CharitiesNowadays there are many Corporate Grants that companies can take advantage of, however, the most admirable ones are that of the Corporate Grants that are awarded by Gilead. This company aims to discover, develop and commercialize new innovative medicines. To reach this goal they also award several Corporate Grants to healthcare organizations and charities.

The Corporate Grants Program of Gilead consists out of three categories: Community and patient education, Independent medical education and Charitable support.

Each company that falls within these categories is in theory eligible for the Gilead Corporate Grant.

Community and Patient Education

Gilead hopes to improve community and patient education by increasing disease awareness for high-risk patients. The Corporate Grants can be used on various educational materials to inform target groups on various illnesses. A few examples of these are: presentations, web-based resources and all types of printed materials.

The Corporate Grant for community and patient education can also be used for testing and screening initiatives, which greatly increases the survival chances of the chosen target group. The most common applicants for this particular Corporate Grant are hospitals and clinics, charitable organizations, professional associations, patient advocacy groups, support groups, academic medical centers and universities.

Independent Medical Education

The second Corporate Grant that Gilead offers is the Independent Medical Education Grant. This particular grant is meant to expand knowledge and skills of health care employees.

The Corporate Grant has already been awarded to accredited medical education (CME), non-accredited CME that complies with FDA guidelines, scientific conferences and lectures. An Independent Medical Education Grant has some additional requirement though. The funded project must be open to all professionals in the community and the principal speaker can have no connection with the funded organization.

This Corporate Grant is usually awarded to medical universities, professional associations, community health centers, hospitals and academic medical centers.

Charitable Support

Charities can also rely on the Gilead Corporate Grants, because the charitable support grant offers the necessary funding for these charities. This Gilead Corporate Grant has been awarded to fund award dinners, fundraising galas and all types of local programs. A few examples of eligible local program are: walks, runs, social service, community initiatives, local science and education.

Before you apply for any of these Corporate Grants, there are some requirements that you will have to adhere to. Firstly, you’ll have to make sure that your particular project is eligible for the type of Corporate Grant you want to apply for and you will also need a valid federal tax ID number. If you’re a non-profit organization, you’ll also have to provide a proof of status. Once you have all the required information, you can apply online for this Corporate Grant.

International Help

The Corporate Grants from Gilead aren’t only limited to the U.S., because they are also connected to the goSHAPE program. This is also an initiative from Gilead and offers international healthcare support.

The international goSHAPE corporate grant has a budget of 1.35 million pounds. This budget is divided according to specific conditions and illnesses: 500,000 pounds for viral hepatitis, £200,000 for fungal disease and £150,000 for oncology/inflammation and respiratory problems.

This Corporate Grant will be awarded to all types of health supporting organizations, such as hospitals, academic research facilities, clinics and patient organizations.

If you are interested in the international Corporate Grant, you will have to check if you’re currently in an eligible country. The list with eligible countries can be viewed on the goSHAPE website.

Sharing knowledge and providing better patient care will surely have an impact on healthcare in the U.S. We can only hope that more independent organizations, such as Gilead, will provide the funding that is so desperately needed.

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