Tennessee Grants Assist Volunteers Through Public Programs

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Tennessee GrantsTennessee receives annual grant support from the federal government to which it adds a mix of state revenue to be able to provide benefits and entitlements to its state residents. The grants that support them are usually derived through a block or formula grants process. And this funding is always applied for on the local level. The type of assistance people living in Tennessee can expect include temporary cash payments through unemployment and family support, a supply of supplemental foods from several sources and medical insurance coverage. Most of these programs support the low-income residents of the state. Here is a brief rundown of the help available in Tennessee and where to turn locally to apply for support.

Support for Low-Income Families
The Department of Human Services supports low-income Tennessean families through several essential benefit programs. The Food Stamp Program provides access to supplemental foods through the use of electronic benefit transfer or EBT cards. The state’s Women, Infants and Children effort expands this supplemental food supply to around 150,000 pregnant women as well. Families First provides actual cash assistance on a temporary basis to struggling families. This program also focuses on job training and placement and recipients are required to complete a work plan to receive benefits. Use this office locator to find out where to apply or call 1-888-863-6178.

Early Childhood Education and School Nutrition
A preschool experience for low-income children and their families is provided by the federal Head Start initiative. To find a program near you in Tennessee, use this Head Start locator to see where you should enroll. The state also provides nutritional support to Tennessee school kids through various School Nutrition programs. All public schools located in Tennessee provide the National School Lunch Program. The state also funds additional child nutrition programs that supply breakfast, milk, snacks and summer feeding to low-income children enrolled in public schools. To inquire about any of these program, simply speak to your child’s school.

Help with Health Care
Through TennCare, 1.2 million state residents receive their share of around 9 billion in health care services. This is what the state calls its Medicaid Program. TennCare covers minor children, their parents, pregnant women, disabled, seniors and a group of Tennesseans who are uninsured. Generally to get coverage through this state program you must be considered to have low or very low-income. For more information, check out the TennCare website or call toll-free 1-800-669-1851.

Energy Assistance and Weatherization Grants
A source of federal grant funding that most do not realize they can take advantage of are programs that help low-income Tennessee residents with the costs of heating and weatherizing their homes. Both are offered by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency. The LIHEAP Program provides support to families struggling with energy costs across all 95 counties. Additionally, these same households can apply to have major energy efficiency upgrades accomplished in their homes through the Weatherization Assistance Program. If found eligible for the grant, your home will have a free and professional insulation and weatherization assessment completed by a local contractor.

Filing for Unemployment
If you have lost your job in the state of Tennessee in a situation where you are not at fault, you can apply to receive unemployment compensation while you start your search for new work. Filing a claim is easily handled online through the Department of Labor and Workforce Development website. Be aware that you are expected to seek work and be available to start a job when offered to receive this temporary cash assistance.

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  1. Stephenie Hyatt-Esposito says:

    In my area there is no help for low-income families to help get cars. It is hard to look for work when you do not have transportation. It is even difficult when you have a special needs child. They provide medical appointment transportation, but not for things such as buying groceries or paying bills. There needs to be a program like this in my area.

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