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Technology Grants For SchoolsTechnology is an important component in today’s schools, providing a rich learning experience for kids and preparing them for a world filled with devices. Often schools do not have the budget necessary to fully support technology in the classroom. These grants assist educators with funding for technology in a number of ways.

Digital Wish
This non-profit offers monthly grants to teachers that provide curriculum packages to be used in their classrooms. Teachers apply by submitting lesson plans that incorporate use of the curriculum. Current opportunities include topics like improving keyboarding skills, humor in vocabulary lessons and the use of digital media in the classroom. Grants are awarded monthly in the middle of the month.

Entertainment Software Association Foundation
This foundation offers annual awards to educators that incorporate the use of video games into curriculum. Yearly, the ESAF offers three grants through the program. Teachers compete for the award by submitting a lesson plan that incorporates the use of video games to reinforce traditional learning. For example, one of last year’s winners used SimCity to simulate urban planning and allowed students to blog about the virtual cities they created using the software.

Foundation for Rural Education and Development
Schools located in rural areas are served by this foundation that provides support for the purchase of computers in public schools where technology is often severely lacking. Over the years it has provided over $740,000 in funding for technology in rural school districts. Schools are picked for these grants by companies donating to the organization. You must contact a company listed in the donor circle list to have them nominate your school for the grant.

Foundation for Technology and Engineering Educators
This grant sends one classroom teacher or technology supervisor to the annual conference of the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association. The amount of the grant is for $1,000. All applicants must be ITEEA members registered to attend the annual conference. Applications must be postmarked no later than December 1 to apply.

Idaho Technology Grants
While only offered in Idaho, $3 million in funding is currently up for grabs for school districts across the state to implement technology pilot programs. Projects should focus on improving student’s academic growth and should be financially efficient to implement. Methods used in implementing technology in one school should be able to be used by in multiple schools following the pilot program.

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