Taser Grants Provide Product Discounts and a Fallen Officer Fund

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Taser GrantsThe Taser non-lethal weapon was first designed by a NASA researcher named Jack Cover during the early 1970s as an option for law enforcement to disable suspects without the use of deadly force. It was eventually co-developed for market by Rick and Thomas Smith in 1993 resulting in the Arizona based company Taser International that continues to manufacture and retail the device to this day. Tasers are used worldwide by police departments but due to funding shortages many local law enforcement agencies cannot afford to equip their officers with this viable non-lethal option. There are two types of grants that can be considered Taser grants. One helps to place Taser equipment into law enforcement departments. The second is a program offered by the Taser Foundation that supports the families of police offers who have fallen in the line of duty.

Taser Grants
Taser International supports departments looking to equip their officers with Tasers in several ways. Agencies in need of funding can be provided assistance in seeking grant support through an easy to use online web form. If your department is in need of funding for Taser equipment, simply visit the company’s website and provide information about your department including your agency name, number of officers and contact information. Taser will assist your law enforcement agency in applying for applicable grants such as the Bureau of Justice Assistance JAG Program. In addition to grant assistance, Taser offers a discount of 20% on the purchase of certain Taser models by law enforcement officers.

Taser Foundation Grants
The Taser Foundation was founded in 2004 with an initial contribution of $1 million from Taser International. The non-profit organization supports families of fallen law enforcement officers in the United States and has to date provided around $3 million in support to close to 1,000 affected families. As of 2012, the foundation provides this support through a partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The IACP and Taser partnership offers the Fallen Officer Fund that provides $5,000 in grant support to spouses and children of fallen officers killed in the line of duty. For more information about the program or to explore your family eligibility, call the IACP Foundation’s Director Patricia Casstevens at 703-647-7367.

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