Tall Scholarship Offers Height Based College Cash

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Tall ScholarshipSince I’m only 5 foot 4, I never heard of this scholarship when I was looking for money to attend college myself. And to be honest, it seems kind of unfair to a short guy like me. But if you’re 6 foot 2 or better, you could grab some extra money for college just by having that extra bit of height. And since not all tall people get basketball scholarships, I guess that’s good news for those that are athletically challenged. And good news, ladies. You only have to be 5 foot 10 or more to be considered for this nontraditional college funding.

So why exactly is there actually a scholarship for being tall? Well, the scholarship is offered by a sort of tall person’s support group called Tall Clubs International. This group was founded by the well-known Disney animator Katherine Einfeldt who ironically enough worked on the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Katherine was herself 6 foot 2. The idea behind TCI started when she approached the Los Angeles Times with a simple idea for an article. Shortly after, the Longfellow’s Club was born, eventually becoming Tall Clubs International with over fifty chapters around the world. TCI is a non-profit organization that provides social outings and networking opportunity for the vertically gifted. It also hosts an annual pageant for tall women called Miss Tall International.

Tall Clubs International Scholarship
TCI scholarships are awarded annually for up to $1,000 each and multiple awards are made every year. To be eligible to apply, you must be tall. Well, duh. How tall? Male applicants need to be at least 6 foot 2 and women need to be 5 foot 10 or higher. You’ll need to both be under the age of 21 and starting your first year of college this upcoming fall semester. But unlike most scholarships you’ve ever heard of, there is no minimum GPA or other normal requirements to receive this scholarship. And the money can be used at any accredited college or university you plan to attend to pursue any type of undergraduate degree. Applications are accepted from July 15 through the following February 15 for each upcoming school year. And there are two ways to apply for this tall person scholarship. You can send an email to tci-scholarships@tall.org including your name, email address, city and state to request an application. Or you can check this map to locate and contact the TCI Tall Club closest to you to apply in your local area. You do not have to be a member of Tall Clubs International to apply for or receive scholarship money through this student scholarship program. But you do certainly have to be tall. If you fit the bill, what are you waiting for? Applications are being accepted now.

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