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Study Abroad GrantsOne thing I never got a chance to do while I was in school was to study abroad. But there are a growing number of international opportunities for college students these days. With more grants and scholarships for overseas study being offered now more than ever before, the chance of pursuing an education while enjoying foreign travel provides a really cool experience for the increasing number of students each year that are selected. Want to get out and see the world while earning your degree? Ever wanted to visit another country to put your foreign language skills to task? Here are some of the better study abroad grants to look into that might just provide you with that much-needed college funding to be able to attend a school overseas on someone else’s dime.

American-Scandinavian Foundation
While it may not be the first place you might think of when considering a trip overseas for foreign study, the American-Scandinavian Foundation offers both fellowships and grants for students looking to travel to Scandinavia. Fellowships are the larger award, paying up to $23,000 each to fund educational expenses. The ASF also offers individual $5,000 grants that can be used to pay for study, to conduct research or to undertake a creative arts project. In addition to sending Americans abroad, the foundation also awards over half a million dollars each year to Scandinavian students looking to pursue an education in the United States. Applications should be submitted by the yearly November 1 deadline with decisions made by the ASF by March 15. Students selected each year can begin their trips anytime after April 15. For more information about this grant program, call or write the New York office of the ASF by dialing 212-779-3587 or by sending an email to

Critical Language Scholarships
The Critical Language Scholarship Program was created by the U.S. Department of State in 2006. Every year, it sends around 600 American students abroad to countries where thirteen languages are spoken that are considered to be critical needs languages. These include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Russian and more. Students are usually expected to have completed one to two years of university level language instruction prior making their trip abroad. But several CLS programs require no previous knowledge of a foreign language to apply. This scholarship will cover all costs associated with the overseas trip including airfare, tuition, visa application and room and board. And it will even provide a small stipend for additional travel expenses. To apply you must create an account on the CLS website. The annual deadline for applications is November 15. For more information about this exciting program where you can travel abroad to study a new language, visit the link above to visit the CLS Scholarship website.

DAAD Scholarships and Grants
Want to travel abroad and study in Germany? DAAD stands for Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, which is a premier German exchange program available for students and faculty of colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Each year, it provides a large number of scholarships and grants to fund undergraduate, graduate and PhD study. It also sends faculty, staff and university researchers to Germany through the exchange program. Each opportunity has a separate application process with varying deadlines. Visit the DAAD Program Index to check them out and to find program specific application and deadline and information.

Foundation for Global Scholars
Also founded in 2006, this recent entry to international study grants has already sent over 1,200 students to study in countries all over the world. The big difference between this program and others like it is that it focuses its support on students normally underserved by other overseas educational programs. Students with ethnically diverse backgrounds, extreme financial need and those pursuing STEM education majors are given highest priority. And since the foundation is based out of Colorado, students attending colleges inside that state are also given special consideration. FGS considers applications for foreign travel in three grant cycles each year with deadlines of November 22, April 11 and June 27. It is highly suggested that you apply no later than one week before each deadline to ensure your application makes it in to each round. For more information, send an email to or call 303-502-7256.

Fulbright U.S. Student Program
The Fulbright Program was founded after the end of World War II, created by congress in 1946 and oddly enough funded its first student exchanges through the sale of surplus war property. Fulbright is both the oldest and largest of all American exchange programs. It sends our students abroad and brings students from other countries to the United States as well. Around 8,000 annual grants are awarded to students to and from over 155 countries. There are several different programs you can apply for with deadlines occurring between January 10 and February 28. If you are considering traveling overseas to earn an education, you should make filing your application to this granddaddy of all exchange programs your very first stop. Due to the high number of grants offered each and every year, applying for a Fulbright is probably your best overall chance at getting funded for an overseas study trip.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships
Thinking of pursuing postgraduate study in England? Well, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship will provide you funding for just that. These scholarships are open to students from any country outside of the United Kingdom and offer a full ride for postgraduate work at the University of Cambridge. You must already be accepted to attend Cambridge through the university’s enrollment office to apply. In other words, you must be able to secure admission to this prestigious school on your own to be able to receive this scholarship. Applications are accepted every fall for the following school year. Applications open September 1 with a deadline for U.S. students of October 15. Students from other countries have until December 3 to file. For questions about the program not covered on the website, fill out this contact form to inquire directly to the Gates Cambridge staff.

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