Boldy Go… to College with a Star Trek Scholarship

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Star Trek ScholarshipHaving trouble with Tribbles? Or maybe you’re just having trouble buying your books. Well good news students and Star Trek fans, there’s actually a couple of organizations offering up Star Trek scholarships. And let’s just admit it. Sometimes going to school can be a five-year mission, too. Never know, you might need the money where you’re heading. So if Sci Fi is your thing and you’re searching for scholarships, give these a shot. Worf would want you too, anyway. They might just help you boldly go where plenty of men (and women) have gone before… to college.

Klingon Language Institute Kor Memorial Scholarship
No, you don’t actually have to speak fluent Klingon, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. The Klingon Language Institute, founded in 1992 by a group of folks that really enjoy Klingon language and culture, offers this annual $500 scholarship to a student studying language. All college and university deans and department chairs are invited to nominate 2 students each year, one undergraduate and one graduate. The winner is announced at the KLI’s annual conference, the qep’a’. All applications are due yearly by June 1.

Starfleet Scholarships
Starfleet is the official international Star Trek fan association and it has been since 1977. It has offered its annual $1,000 scholarships every year since 1990 to Starfleet association members. The funding can be used to attend anything from a community college or technical school to undergraduate or graduate school. Applications are accepted yearly from January 1 to June 15. You must be a member of the organization at least one year before applying for the scholarship. If you have any further questions, email Communications Officer Nyota Uhura… or better yet catch Starfleet’s Scholarship Director Fleet Captain Reed Bates at

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