San Francisco Grants Fund the Golden Gate City

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San Francisco GrantsSan Francisco grants support a great deal of community causes and initiatives around the bay area. They are offered by local foundations and arts commissions. And there are even grants provided by the city and county. These grants fund cultural events, beautification efforts and social causes that make San Francisco a better place to live. There is even one grant that will provide funding for just about anything you can think up, as long as it’s an awesome idea. If you live in San Francisco, check out these sources for local grants only available to residents and organizations based in the city by the bay.

Awesome Foundation San Francisco
The Awesome Foundation is an international phenomenon with chapters spread across almost 100 cities around the world, including San Francisco. And the idea behind it is a fairly simple one. Groups of philanthropists form local chapters and donate $100 each every month to fund one $1,000 grant to do something awesome in their community. And this grant is available to anyone and everyone, not just to non-profit organizations. Some pretty interesting projects have been funded over the years, including this Los Angeles art movement that placed swings all around the city. The awesome foundation regularly supports these types of next level art installations. But funding is also available for unique education and community initiatives, as well. Proposals are accepted through an easy to fill out online web application. The monthly deadline is the last day of each month. For more information, contact the San Francisco chapter by emailing

City and County Grants
Several grant programs are offered by a partnership between the city and county of San Francisco. These issue the Community Challenge Grant and the Urban Watershed Stewardship Grant. Community challenge grants are available to individuals, businesses, non-profits and community groups and provide matching funds for beautification efforts. Urban watershed grants offer funding to pay for storm water and green infrastructure community projects. The yearly grant cycle begins February 25 and applications must be submitted no later than March 29. For more information, send an email to

San Francisco Arts Commission
This bay area arts commission offers what it calls Cultural Equality Grants each and every year. They provide funding to both individuals artists and to arts and culture organizations. There are a large number of grant opportunities for both listed on the commission’s website. And each has varying deadlines and eligibility requirements. For more information about the grants offered by the SFAC, visit the link above or send an email to Program Manager Beatrice Thomas at

San Francisco Grants for the Arts
A special fund was created way back in 1961 to provide support to arts and culture organizations in the San Francisco area and it has doled out over $320 million in overall funding ever since. Revenue is raised through the city’s hotel tax and set aside to pay for programs. The goal is simple, to provide more reasons for tourists to visit the city and to keep a strong and vibrant arts community flourishing in the bay area. Applications are accepted yearly due by the February 14 deadline. New organizations interested in applying must schedule a site visit with the foundation staff before applying for funding. For more information, call 415-554-6710 or email

San Francisco Foundation
This foundation was started in 1948. In just the last ten years alone, it has issued over $800 million in local grants. There are three types of grants the foundation provides to area non-profit organizations. These are project, capacity building and core operating grants. Funding is only provided to organizations working in the bay area. In fact, your group must serve Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco or San Mateo Counties to be considered. In addition to the three major types of grants, the foundation also provides grant funding for special projects and initiatives with grant cycles occurring year round. If you are involved with a local non-profit organization or wish to start one, you should definitely check out the SF Foundation. It is a major source of funding for non-profits in the region. For more information, call 415-733-8500 or send an email to

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