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TechnologyApplying for a technology grant is not as difficult as you might think, though you will have to put some work into it. Most Technology Grants are awarded to schools, educational organizations, IT companies, healthcare facilities and teachers. The grant is funded and awarded by the federal government, as well as private corporate foundations.

The first thing that you’ll need when applying for a technology grant, is a good cover letter, which should include a summary of your proposal and introduce your organization. It is also useful to contact the funding organization in advance, so that you can mention any previous contact made in the cover letter.

The cover letter also needs to contain the amount of funding you are requesting. Additional information such as the target group you are trying to reach and the problems you hope to solve are also essential for a good application.

To increase your changes to receive your technology grant, you’ll need to include a cover page as well. The cover page contains a catchy slogan that describes your goal. It should also mention the date, where it has been submitted and the contact details of the person applying.

Technology Grant Proposal

Of course, you cannot forget about the most important part of your application, the technology grant proposal. Such a proposal usually starts with a project abstract which is a summary of your project. The project abstract cannot be longer than one page and should mention the project demand, target group, a brief description of goals and objectives and some background information on the applicant as well.

In this project abstract you will also need to mention how the project will be evaluated, since this is a very important factor for many funding organizations.

When you write the demand for your current project, describe the problems that you aim to solve if you should receive the grant. When you describe your project you should also mention how it will be implemented and what would be the desired outcome for you.

If you use any assisting technology during your project, you definitely need to mention this in your Technology Grant proposal too. Ideally you should add a brochure of the type of technology that you’ll be using during your project.

Budget Proposal

When you request funding, you should to include a budget proposal that describes where exactly the money will be spent. Companies that apply for a technology grant without any budget proposals will unfortunately for them, never get funding.

Your budget proposal should contain things likes:

  • training costs
  • staff costs
  • co-funding
  • material costs

The more accurate your budget proposal is, the more chance that you’ll have in obtaining the Technology Grant.

Funding organizations only back up companies with the necessary skills and experience, so don’t forget to mention all of your staffs qualifications, certifications and skills. This always looks good on a grant proposal and makes you look a little more trustworthy. It could also mean technology grant funding from a private foundation or organization, because they are always looking for skilled people to expand their horizons. Also add an appendix with relevant documents at the end of your proposal.

Before you write your Technology Grant proposal, contact the funding organization or government body to find out more about applications and learn more about the information that they desire.

Previous contact with the organization also helps to convince them to award you the grant. The more informed you are, the better your grant proposal will be. If available, ask the funding organization for a sample of a Technology Grant proposal and compare it with the proposal you’ve made. Make sure that all of the information is correct and without any errors before you send.

Good luck!

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