Can Relocation Grants Pay Your Moving Expenses?

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Relocation GrantsWe received an email recently from a reader with a question about relocation grants. While looking into it for him, I came to the conclusion that the problem he was having was caused by simple confusion due to the rather broad term used to describe several different types of actual grants. What Jacob was looking for was a grant that would pay for moving expenses so he and his family could relocate to a new city to take a better job. And while I found some information out there claiming that relocation grants simply do not exist, this is not entirely true. You can in fact receive money to help you and your family move especially when taking a new job. But usually the source of this funding is going to be from your employer and not from an organization handing out free cash through moving grants.

Many companies often provide new employees with money to pay for moving expenses when taking a job that requires relocating to a new city. But to call this a relocation grant isn’t being entirely honest. According to a CNN Money article I read, 30-40% of companies regularly pay between $1,000 and $2,500 in moving bonuses to new employees so they can relocate to take a job. And around 10% are willing to pay up to $10,000. But for the most part your ability to get relocation funding from your new employer is going to come down to your negotiation skills. And with the state of the economy in recent years many new employees are just thankful to have a job and are a bit shy about asking for moving expenses. Don’t be afraid to ask but make sure you do so only after you have received a firm job offer. And you should also do your homework before asking. Make sure you research how much your move is going to cost before asking your new employer to pay for your moving expenses. Don’t be afraid to cite this actual cost when approaching your employer about relocation.

So what Jacob was asking was if there are any organizations to turn to that provide relocation grants. Well, yes, there actually are. Grants do exist that help families move for economic reasons, but I was only able to find this type of relocation grant offered in Australia. In the Sydney area, the local government offers these Regional Relocation Grants to people who have to make a move regionally to find better employment. Unfortunately, inside the United States I was not able to turn up any similar programs.

There are in fact relocation grants offered here at home but they don’t actually provide funding for what Jacob was looking for. In New Jersey, the Economic Development Authority offers incentive programs like this Relocation Assistance Grant. The grant provides up to $2,250 per employee to businesses relocating within the state. There is also a program offered by the U.S. Department of Transportation that offers funding to state and local governments called the Rail Line Relocation Program. And while I think its great that these exist, they certainly aren’t the types of relocation grants most of us are looking for.

Remember that if you are buying a new home and you are eligible to receive help through any federal, state or local municipal programs that offer assistance to home buyers, you can use this funding to pay for moving expenses for you and your family. Most of these programs are only available to first time home buyers but there are some local programs that will provide assistance to families moving into a specific neighborhood as part of their community development efforts. Always check locally for this type of help as this is where the vast majority of funding like this is distributed.

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  1. Beverly Price says:

    I am 74 years old and suffer from RA and I am in pain all the time. My husband is also 74 and is afflicted with cerebral atrophy/picks’s dementia and it is at the aggressive stage. My SS payment is $509 a month and I have no way to get out of this dangerous situation. He controls all the money, wants me gone, but will not allow me to use “his money” to find housing and substance. If the money came in “his” house it is his is his belief. I live in Arizona and want to relocate to Colorado where I have family. Family is unable to help financially. I will need in home care in the future and have a family member who is willing to provide that. What I need and want is the funds to purchase a home that would be left to any foundation that provides help to make the purchase and help with utility bills. I am in danger staying (Pick’s sufferers become violent) but have no resources to get out. He is at the stage that he believes TV is a government conspiracy to brainwash us, especially the news, and that entertainment shows are to distract us from what the “evil” government and bankers are doing to destroy us. So he is taking that away. Even the disposal pickup is being taken away. He spends 12 to 16 hours a day on internet blogs that are anti-government and tell people that the have a birth right to hundreds of thousands of dollars through their SS number and wants me to use that. There is no such legitimate fund. If I stay I will surely die as he grows quicker to rages and demands. Sometimes there is no logic or reason behind his rages. Is there a foundation that helps seniors in such dire situations? I want so desperately to get out and have some comfort days before my end.

    • Shannon says:

      I’m not an admin here, but I was just reading what you’ve said. Where I live, we have a program for battered women called Mainstay. I have no idea where you are in Arizona, but hopefully they have a similar one. If you’re able to get out on your own, you could go to a place like that an explain the situation. They’d have to be pretty heartless to not help. Also, as his wife, you may be able to have him committed somewhere (he sounds like he’s a danger to himself and others) or next time he flies into a rage, call the police and tell them you’re afraid for your life. It’s not pretty, but you’d be safe and he’d be contained.

    • Kipp Shives says:

      Beverly, I apologize. I did not see your comment until Shannon responded, today. Ditto on what she said. Here is a list of battered women’s shelters in Arizona listed by town. While there is no relocation grant that takes someone like you out of their home that I am aware of, shelters like this allow someone like you to escape from a dangerous home situation and it sounds like you are definitely in one. Let us know if you have already resolved your situation and if not I would be happy to take a look for anything else that may help you in your area.

  2. Kourtney says:

    Are there any grants that can help me? I’m in the process of adopting and currently living in a temporary location. I need to move into a 2 bedroom place in my area. Preferably I would like to buy a trailer or small house.

  3. Megan White says:

    I need help and I’ve been searching all over and calling every housing grant or program I could find. None so far can help with our current situation. Although I’m embarrassed about it, I do need help. I’m a 21 year mother of two small children (I have a 2 year old and 6 week old) and I HAVE TO MOVE ASAP! My apartment I’ve lived in for 2 years has recently become infested with roaches since some new tenants moved in upstairs and I’ve told the landlord for the last few months repeatedly. Nothing I’ve tried to is helping, so due to the health issues those nasty bugs could cause my small children I have to move. I do not have the upfront cost so I need financial assistance just one time for the deposit and 1st months rent or at least the deposit. I’ve been employed for over 2 and 1/2 years by the same company. Please, I am in need of help and I have to get my children out of this disgusting place. Please email me with a possible grant or one time assistance program as soon as possible?

    • Kipp Shives says:

      Megan, what state are you in? There are several program I believe can help you. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families often provides housing assistance to low income families. And with two kids as a single mom I’m pretty sure you would be eligible. If you are not also involved with it already, WIC works with mothers of children up to age 5 mainly with food assistance but it could help free up some funds. Have you visited your local department of social services? Give me some more information about your location and I will try to point you in the right direction.

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