Program Development Grants Increasing Projects and Activities for Non-Profit Organizations

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Program Development GrantsThe Program Development Grant is pretty popular among charities, simply because this type of grant provides funds for all types of projects and activities. Since a charity does not have its own source of income and relies mainly on donations, this type of grant can really make a difference to them.

The Program Development Grant helps these charitable organizations to reach their goals by providing the necessary funding for activities and projects. However, there are some rules that these organizations must follow before they can apply and use such a program development grant.

Even though a Program Development Grant can be approved for any type of organization, the non-profit organizations still receive the lion’s share of this grant type. This is mainly because these organizations provide the necessary results. The funding for this grant is given by individual foundations and is also chosen by them, with charities usually being a very popular choice for them. Some foundations are also able to evaluate the result of their grant and this option often persuades them to invest in the first place.

Applying for the Program Development Grant

Applying for the Program Development Grant is relatively easy, since there are many foundations that are willing to support a charitable program. On the foundation center website you can also find the Program Development Grants that have been approved for different industries, charities and services.

You will also find the biggest foundations and their contributions to charities. There is also a page containing the top 50 recipients of grants. This serves as a comparison tool and from there you can evaluate if you business or charity could acquire such a Program Development Grant.

A Non-Profit Program Development Grant can be awarded in each state, but are also subject to the amount of foundations that are currently present in that state. For example, a charity in a state with fewer foundations will have a lower chance acquiring a Program Development Grant than a charity in a state with many foundations.

Non-Profit Grants

Non-profit organizations can also take advantage of other Non-Profit Grants. One of them is the Building Renovation Grant. This type of grant is mainly meant for community development projects. Such projects share the common goal of improving housing and public service facilities for low-income families.

The federal government is the main funder for this type of grant and it is awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD. The decision is made according to some significant factors, for example, population, income, levels of unemployment and the current housing conditions.

The Building Renovation Grant aims to provide proper housing and healthcare facilities, even for families with a low-income. Even though this project is very admirable, funds are very limited. This means that unfortunately not every qualified charity will get such a grant.

Literacy Grants

Grants that are often forgotten are the Literacy Grants. Recent studies have shown that nearly 93 million adults in the United States have very poor or non-existent literacy skills. The Literacy Grant hopes to improve this and provide adults with poor literacy the education they need to succeed.

The funding for this particular grant also comes, like the Program Development Grant, from organizations and foundations and is awarded annually to communities and charities. The Literacy Grant is currently concentrating on the Hispanic community, who often struggle with the English language.

This does not only have an effect on their jobs, but also their children. Family Literacy is a problem that this private grant also tries to overcome. This is an admirable project that finds more following with every passing year.

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