How to Apply for the Pell Grant in 2015

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Apply for the Pell GrantYour search for college grant money this new year should start by filling out the application for the 2015 federal pell grant. This is the first place you should look for financial aid for the coming year. And even if you are only considering attending some sort of higher education in 2015, you might should take note. You may be able to earn your degree without coming out of pocket yourself by receiving this government grant.

Get up to $5,730 a year to attend college.

The 2015 version of the pell grant offers up to $5,730 a year for each student to use to attend college. And this is just scratching the surface of available monies from government programs that you can use to gain an education. There are several other grant programs and an extensive flight of student loans offered by the department of education.

Just the pell grant alone is expected to distribute over $26 Billion in college grants to students all across the United States this year. Could you be able to attend college in 2015? How do you get your share? Simple. Meet the financial requirements and fill out the FAFSA.

What is a FAFSA? The acronym stands for the Free Application for Student Aid and it is just that. Complete this online application to make yourself eligible for the pell grant and all other available federally funded student aid. There is no cost to apply and the online application process is fairly simple and straightforward. The application isn’t hard to fill out or too complicated for most to understand.

Ignore claims from other websites offering paid services to help you get a government grant for education. If you’re looking for federal help to get through school, this is it. You shouldn’t need to pay anyone for that information or to guide you through the application for assistance. While the government suffers from bureaucracy and gridlock that keep people from receiving help, this department of education grant program doesn’t suffer from any of that. It should only take you around 15 minutes to find out if you are eligible for tens of thousands of dollars a year in government grants and student loans.

The president’s 2015 budget request asked for $69 Billion in education funding this year. With 38% of that going straight to the pell grant, that makes the more than $26 Billion in grant money the largest in the history of the program. If you are even thinking about going to school this coming year, you should take the 15 minutes it takes to fill out the FAFSA and see if you are eligible. You might find yourself able to pursue an education in the coming year to better your future while also continuing to work. Yes, you can even pursue a degree using the pell part time if the constraints of your hectic schedule and family commitments take up most of your time.

So get started, today. Remember, not only does filling out the federal application get you considered for the Pell, it will also alert you if you qualify for any student loans or additional programs. One such other program is the TEACH grant that allows you to acquire enough college money to earn a degree in education that can be paid back for you if you work a small commitment as a teacher in a critical needs area. One of my friends started work as an art teacher last year by taking advantage of this program. She is now better able to provide for her two kids as a single mother due to this federal program.

How TEACH grants let teachers work off school loans.

Student loans are not hard to get through these government programs. Even if you don’t qualify for free funding, you may find that department of education loan programs can allow you to complete your higher education goals within your fiscal abilities. Once completed, getting an education will make you eligible for better paying jobs and a brighter future for you and your family for years to come. If you think its possible for you in the coming year, I highly encourage you to fill out this quick application for student funding to see if you can benefit from this federal program designed to help people just like you get where you want to go in life.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get it. Good luck with your 2015 pell grant application!

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