Oprah Winfrey Grants Offer Educational Opportunity

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Opray Winfrey GrantsOprah Winfrey started the Angel Network back in 1998 allowing her numerous television viewers to donate to charitable causes handpicked by Oprah herself. Her contribution included covering all operating expenses of the public charity, which allowed 100% of viewer donations to be put to work through grants. Over the years, $80 million poured in through the network and was issued through various Oprah Winfrey grants. Most notably, the network provided a major rebuilding effort following Hurricane Katrina and the construction of 55 schools in 12 countries. But in 2010 as she retired from her daytime television show the network was shut down. This in no way put an end to Oprah’s philanthropy and there are many grants and scholarships available today that bare her name.

One of those former projects that is continuing strong today is the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Opened in December of 2006 in South Africa through major grant support by Oprah Winfrey, the academy saw its first graduating class in 2012. 72 girls not only graduated from the academy but would also receive a full college scholarship. This has provided a really amazing transformative experience for students who come from an impoverished background and is making a huge difference one girl at a time. But you don’t have to be a South African girl to attend college through an Oprah grant.

Oprah Winfrey is the largest donor to Atlanta’s premier black university Morehouse College. She has given over $12 million to the school since 1989. When Martin Luther King Jr. attended the school in 1948, tuition was a mere $90. But this is no longer the case. The Sons of Oprah are a group of black men who have benefited from the school’s Oprah Scholars program. And these alumni now add to the endowment for this scholarship themselves ensuring that this Oprah grant will continue for years to come.

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  1. Ebonizha Jackson says:

    Hello my name id Ebonizha Jackson, I’m a Culinary Arts Student that attends at Long Beach City College in Long Beach California and I’m trying my best to raise a small amount of money for my education books and transportation to and from school. If you can please donate..if not please share this on your Website, Facebook or Email it to people or even tweet it. Anything will help.

    Ebonizha Anna Jackson

  2. Emmanuel says:

    I have already applied to many of the top USA universities I am looking to apply for the Oprah Winfrey Grant or Scholarship.

  3. Destinee says:

    I would just simply like to go to college.

  4. Samukelisiwe Khuzwayo says:

    Hello my name is Samukelisiwe Khuzwayo living in Kokstad (South Africa). I’m a dropout student of UNISA where I was doing my best in 2013. I was not able to finish because my father who was helping pay for my schooling had a massive heart attack. He gets a disability grant but is not enough and only covers the basics. I would like to apply for a Oprah student aid please help because I would like to continue my education in 2015. Thank You!

  5. Fatou says:

    Hi, my name is Fatou. I am 32 years old. I am from Gambia, West Africa. I am from a very poor family background. I am the first female to be educated in my family. I always dreamed of going to college. I wasn’t able to go because of lack of finance. Please help me with a scholarship. Thanks in advance.

  6. Keyona Ball says:

    Hello, my name is Keyona Latrice Ball. I am in need of some financial help with my schooling. I am a freshman right now and I am also a single parent. I stay home and my mom works while I care for my autistic brother and try to make ends meet. My grand mom helped out a bit for a while but she was laid off from her job. She is now sick and gets disability, so she can’t help. She gave me different options to look at to find funding that could help me and said I should also reach out to you. I keep my grades up and really want to continue my education at Morgan State University. I would be most grateful for any help you could give me or direct me to the right place. Thank you.

    • Kipp Shives says:

      Ms. Ball, first of all, I’d check with the Morgan State Financial Aid office as they are going to know far more about any local scholarship opportunities they have their at your school than we would. If your grades are indeed good, it looks like they have a long list of scholastic funding for students at your college. Secondly, check out this article on grants for single mothers that I wrote last summer. It may point you the right direction on finding any scholarships or grants that are specifically for a single mom like yourself. Third, think about whatever makes you unique and google that information with the words that describe you best and scholarships and grants. There may be funding for family members of autistic children, for example. And you will never know unless you look. You’d be surprised. The world of scholarships is full of things like money for the left-handed and for fans of star trek. There might be something unique about you that puts you in contention for some of that oddball funding that’s out there.

  7. Shannon Schaben says:

    I’m an International Advisor at McCook Community College in McCook, NE. I have a student from Gambia, West Africa, who has lost both her Mom and Dad. She has played volleyball at McCook College for 2 years and has a 3.0 GPA. She is looking to transfer to a University in Kansas to continue her education. She has been offered a partial volleyball scholarship, but since the college is private she will need funding to pay for the rest. What do you recommend and does the Oprah Foundation have any funds for something like this? Thank you for all your help!

  8. LaTonia Sha Houston says:

    I lost my job of 14 years. I have no car and no money to get one. I would love to obtain my Nursing Degree it is a dream of mine. I can not afford to go and i do not have a way to get there. Obtaining my Nursing Degree would make my life so much better. I Love helping and caring for people. I really want to go to Nursing School.

  9. Chishamiso Tinorwirashe says:

    My name is Chishamiso aged eighteen from Zimbabwe. l am an orphan looking for financial support so as to go to university. l finished my advanced level grade and managed to excel with high grades however I no longer have anyone to help me to continue with school. l’m kindly asking for your assistance.

  10. Eileen Humphrey says:

    I’m a breast cancer patient and need help I cant work any more.

  11. Willie says:

    Hello my name is Willie, I’m a proud parent of a soon to be college student. My son has been accepted to a private university in North Carolina and I am starting to stress out a little mainly over the huge financial obligation. My ex-wife and I were not able to save for our sons college education but we are both committed to trying every possible avenue to ensure they both go to college. The estimated cost for a year at this university is 43K. The Veteran’s Administration will contribute to some of these expenses due to my ex-wife being 100% service connected disabled from the Army, but it is not nearly enough to pay the 160K required for 4 years. He is applying for as many scholarships possible, but hasn’t received any at this moment. Please let me know if there are any more scholarships or grants available through your network. Thank You!

  12. Wonder Nunekpeku says:

    I am a accounting student of the university of professional studies Accra in Ghana. My father died a decade ago and my education has always financed by my aunty through bank loans which is causing her business a lot problems. Please I need your help or else I will end up dropping from the school.

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