Michigan Grants Provide Wolverine State Assistance Programs

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Michigan GrantsThe State of Michigan receives federal funding for a variety of government benefit programs through large block grants and pairs this money with state taxes to provide assistance to Michigan residents. These programs support some of Michigan’s neediest citizens providing food, health care and in some cases cash assistance. Here we have provided a brief description of what each program does and how to reach your local agency to receive help.

Family Independence
This program issues temporary cash assistance to family with children and to expecting mothers. This money can be used to pay for rent, utilities, food, clothing and personal care. The program then also provides job training and placement services and works with parents to make the family more independent and self-sufficient. Additional help may be provided for transportation and childcare during employment training. You can apply online using the MI Bridges website or visit your local DHS county office.

Food Assistance
Low-income individuals and families in Michigan are able to receive food assistance through the USDA through this food assistance program. This is what food stamps is now called in the state. Use the MI Bridges website to apply online or visit your local DHS county office to enroll.

Head Start
The federal Head Start program is provided to low-income kids in Michigan from birth to age five. These programs highly involve parents and are open to pregnant women as well. Head Start exists to focus on school readiness in at-risk children who can benefit from early childhood education that prepares them for elementary school. To find the Head Start program nearest you, use the federal website’s Head Start locator and contact the program in your area. If you have any questions, contact the Michigan Head Start Association by calling 517-374-6472.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance
Household heating and electric help is available through the Department of Human Services. The program offers Home Heating Credit for regular utility assistance and State Emergency Relief in situations where power is either cut off already or scheduled for termination. Apply for help at your local DHS county office or call 855-275-6424.

Medicaid Health Care
Medicaid provides health care services to the following types of low-income Michigan residents: seniors 65 or older, the blind, permanently disabled, families with minor children, pregnant women, children in foster care and those under the age of 21 living in psychiatric hospitals. You can either apply at your local DHS county office or by visiting your local health department.

The Department of Community Health administers this child health insurance program or CHIP for low-income kids under the age of 19. Eligible families only pay a $10 monthly premium which covers all children in each family. This provides a comprehensive coverage plan including vision, dental and mental health care.

School Breakfast and Lunch
Michigan school children can receive free or reduced breakfast and lunch depending on family income. Apply at your child’s school.

Special Milk
The Special Milk Program serves children in school settings like half-day kindergartens and camps that do not offer breakfast or lunch programs. Apply at your child’s school.

Summer Food Service
This service places summer feeding centers in low-income areas. All children 18 and under who come to a food service site are eligible to receive free meals. To find the location nearest you, use this site locator provided by the Michigan Department of Education.

Unemployment Insurance
Temporary financial assistance is available to Michigan residents who have lost their job through no fault of their own through the Unemployment Insurance Agency. You must have worked in the past 12 to 18 months to be eligible. You must be seeking employment and available to start a job to receive benefits. You can file a claim online or by calling 1-866-500-0017.

Weatherization Assistance
This federally funded energy conservation program will help low-income households in Michigan insulate and weatherize their homes to lower energy costs. This can save around $300 per year on utility bills. Weatherization is available to households at or below 200% the federal poverty guidelines. Apply by contacting your local weatherization operator. Call the Michigan Family Independence Agency at 517-373-2035 if you have any questions.

Women, Infants and Children
The federal WIC program provides pregnant women and their children up to age five with supplemental foods, nutritional education and health care referral inside the State of Michigan. Application is handled by phone. Call 1-800-262-4784 to apply. If you have any questions about the program, call the Department of Community Health at 517-373-3740.

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