Memphis Grants Fund Programs in the River City

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Memphis GrantsKnown for its history of blues and rib joints, Memphis is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. People who live there have some exciting local grant opportunities only available around the River City. Memphis grants include support for local artists and scholarships for area students. And there is a decent amount of support for non-profit organizations from foundations solely making investments around Memphis through their grants. If you live in Memphis, take a second to check out these grants only available in the city you call home.

This area arts organization provides five different categories of grants to support arts and culture in Shelby County. While most are only available for non-profit arts organizations, for the first time in the 50 year history of ArtsMemphis it is also providing grants to individual artists through its new ArtsAccelerator program. These grants provide funding for individual arts projects across various mediums from painting to performance art. Applications are due in the fall no later than September 30. Additionally, ArtsMemphis provides a listing of other opportunities available for local artists on their website. For non-profit organizations, the other four grant programs all have varying eligibility requirements and application deadlines. For more information on any of these local arts grants, send an email to

Assisi Foundation
This local foundation was founded in 1994 and received its initial funding from the sale of St. Francis Hospital. It has since awarded over $150 million to non-profit organizations serving the greater Memphis region. It has four areas of focus for which it makes grants. These are health and human services, education, social justice and arts and culture. It provides funding for general support and for capital investments. Applications are accepted for either type of request through the Assisi Foundation’s online grants application. For more information, call 901-684-1564.

Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
This community foundation is the largest grantmaker in the Memphis area. It offers those grants through four unique programs. For non-profit organizations, the foundation issues capacity building grants. Last year alone, it made 15 of these grants totaling almost $200,000. It also offers the smaller Give 365 Program, which allows individual donors to give a dollar a day to local causes. The foundation partners with the University of Memphis and the local United Way to offer the Strengthening Communities grant program. It also maintains a separate fund for organizations located in Collierville. For more information about any of these local grant opportunities, contact Ashley Harper by calling 901-722-0022 or you can send her an email to In addition to these grants offered to non-profit organizations, CFGM awards 17 yearly scholarships to local students. Scholarships range in size from $1,000 to $2,000 and are awarded to students from specific high schools, those pursuing various majors and from diverse backgrounds. There are scholarships for students who have disabled parents, those that are involved in community service, young mothers and who worship at certain churches. Applications for the upcoming school year are due by April 1. For more information about these scholarships, contact Vanessa Langston by calling 901-722-0032 or you can send her and email to

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