Lung Cancer Grants Investigate New Treatments and Potential Cures

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Lung Cancer GrantsMost grants associated with lung cancer fund the valuable medical research that explores the causes and treatments of the disease. Through further study, the medical community is expanding its knowledge about lung cancer and enabling doctors to offer the best possible care to the diagnosed. Current research is looking into improving screening and diagnosis, developing better treatment techniques and expanding effective prevention efforts such as tobacco cessation.

If you are currently diagnosed with lung cancer and receiving active treatment for your condition, there is a program offered by CancerCare that provides support to low-income patients. See our article on Financial Assistance for Lung Cancer Patients for more information on this program.

American Lung Association
Now in its 100th year, the American Lung Association is America’s oldest voluntary health organization. Originally started to fight Tuberculosis, the mission of the organization eventually expanded to focus on improving lung health and preventing lung disease. In addition to its advocacy efforts, the ALA funds a large amount of medical research. It offers two types of grant awards. Training awards range in size from $21,000 to $32,500 per year and are offered to students, nurses and recent graduates starting careers in research. Independent investigator awards range in size from $40,000 to $100,000 per year and fund various types of lung disease research. Applications for the current grant cycle are due by November 12.

Lung Cancer Research Foundation
This is a private foundation based in New York. Its mission is to support research studies that develop innovative strategies and techniques concerning all cancers of the lung. The research it funds focuses on treatment, screening and prevention. Each year the foundation accepts submissions for grant funding for all aspects of lung cancer. It also awards one LCRF Scientific Merit Award to an outstanding scientific investigator. Applications for grant support are due yearly by May 31 and announcements are made in October. For further information about the LCRF and its research grant program, email the organization at

LUNGevity Foundation
This Chicago based non-profit organization is the largest private funder of lung cancer research in the United States. Since its founding in 2002, it has already infused nearly $16 million into medical research concerning the disease. This money has supported 100 projects at 56 institutions across 23 states. The research it funds looks into early detection and treatment. The organization offers three types of grant awards. Career development awards are offered to new faculty in their first 5 years in the field. These awards will pay $100,000 per year for up to 3 years. Early detection awards and targeted therapeutic awards are each awarded to a team of up to 3 principal investigators for up to two years. The maximum of these grants is $600,000 paying each principal investigator $100,000 per year. LUNGevity’s next grant cycle will open in October.

National Lung Cancer Partnership
This organization was formed by a group of female doctors and researchers to specifically investigate the causes of rising lung cancer rates in women. First incorporated as Women Against Lung Cancer, the organization was renamed the National Lung Cancer Partnership in 2006 to better reflect its overall mission. The goal of the NLCP is to decrease deaths caused by lung cancer and to provide better results for patients diagnosed with the disease. The research grants the organization offers are for new researchers starting out in the field of lung cancer research. They are open to post-doctoral fellows and junior faculty in their first 5 years of appointment. To apply you must be employed at a non-profit institution in either the United States or Canada. These grants are for 2 years and are offered for $100,000. The current grant cycle ends October 22.

Uniting Against Lung Cancer
Originally founded to honor Joan Scarangello McNeive after her death from lung cancer at the age of 47, this organization operated as Joan’s Legacy in its early years. The non-profit then changed its name to Uniting Against Lung Cancer in 2009. Since 2003, it has funded over $10 million in research to improve treatments and to investigate potential cures for lung cancer through its Legacy Program. The program focuses its grant support to early career researchers offering $50,000 per year for 2 year research projects. It seeks to fund research that can impact survival rates and extend the lives of patients suffering from the disease. Applications are handled online through the foundation’s website. This year’s grant cycle ends August 14.

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