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Louisiana GrantsLouisiana receives federal funding for benefit programs through large formula grants and entitlements from Washington, DC. The state then adds a mix of state revenue to this grant money and provides a safety net of assistance programs to the citizens of Louisiana. The type of help available includes supplemental food support, energy assistance and affordable health care for some of the state’s neediest residents. In several cases, a few state programs even offer temporary cash assistance to individuals and families trying to improve their economic situation. If you live in Louisiana and are in need of support, here is a brief rundown of the services available in your state and where you can turn for help.

Supplemental Food Support
Low-income households have several places to turn to keep food on their tables. The Department of Children and Family Services offers the state’s SNAP or food stamp program to provide supplemental food support to Louisiana’s neediest families. Further food support is offered to pregnant women and to those with children age 5 or under through the Women, Infants and Children program. Louisiana school children can receive breakfast, lunch, milk and snacks daily through various child nutrition programs offered by the Department of Education. To apply for these school programs, visit your child’s school.

Help Paying Heating Bills and Weatherization Grants
You can apply to have utility payments made on your behalf through LIHEAP as long as your household income is 60% or less of Louisiana’s median income. Families who are eligible for LIHEAP can also apply for Weatherization Assistance to have their residences brought up to energy efficiency standards to lower the overall yearly cost of heating and cooling their homes. Application for this program should be directed to the community action agency that operates in your local county or parish. Consult this listing to find out where to apply or call toll-free 1-877-522-2728.

Applying for Health Care
Two programs inside Louisiana offer help to provide health insurance coverage to low-income families. Medicaid covers pregnant women, the blind, disabled, families with minor children and seniors 65 or older. Families whose children are not covered through Medicaid who still cannot afford private insurance can apply for coverage through the LaCHIP health insurance program. Coverage is available to children under the age of 19 who have no insurance through any other source.

Temporary Cash Assistance Programs
Cash assistance is offered through two programs inside Louisiana. The state’s TANF program is called the Louisiana Family Independence Temporary Assistance Program. Struggling families can apply for and receive temporary cash assistance through the program while participating in job training and placement services. Those who have lost their job through no fault of their own can also apply for Unemployment Insurance. Those eligible can receive temporary unemployment compensation while seeking a new job. Be aware that you must be available for work and be able to start a new job while receiving this benefit.

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