LGBT Research Grants Improve the Lives of the LGBT Community

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LGBT Research GrantsThere are two major sources for LGBT research grants. The organizations that offer them provide funding for research into lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations and to fully explore the issues that each individually face in their daily lives. This includes the study of health and well-being of those that consider themselves to be LGBT and of the political climate and public policy concerns that this community faces on the whole.

American Psychological Association
The APA not only offers a number of research grant opportunities focused on LGBT but also maintains the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns Office which seeks to apply various aspects of psychological study to improve the lives of LGBT individuals. The office not only aims to better our general understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity but also to explore the discrimination and prejudice that exists against the LGBT community and to bring about change in our society to end sexism and violence toward these gender groups.

There are five different LGBT research grants and awards offered by the APA. The largest is the Wayne F. Placek Grant which provides one annual award of $15,000 to fund research into homosexuality and to reduce issues facing lesbians and gay men in our society. The Roy Scrivner Memorial Research Grant offers $12,000 annually to fund research into the psychology and therapy of families consisting of lesbian, gay and bisexual members. Smaller grants are offered by the APA’s Division 44 including a $500 grant for research into transgender psychology and a $200 award for students conducting study of transgender sexuality. The Distinguished Student Contribution is also given to one psychology graduate student per year to reward an outstanding contribution in research. Each of these opportunities have different deadlines. Check the APA’s website for specific application information for each grant. If you have any additional questions about the LGBT research funding offered by this association, contact the LGBT Concerns Office by email at

Williams Institute
The Williams Institute is a think tank based out of the UCLA School of Law. It received its initial funding from philanthropist Chuck Williams and was founded in his name in 2001. His personal support of the project has totaled over $13 million over the years making Williams Institute one of the largest privately supported academic programs focused completely on the world of LGBT. The overall focus of the institute centers around sexual orientation and gender identity specifically in the areas of law and public policy. In addition to offering yearly LGBT research grants, the institute also authors studies into public policy, provides expert testimony in high-profile court cases and offers training for lawyers, judges and the public at large in areas of concern related to LGBT.

Every year, the Williams Institute accepts proposals for the Small Research Grants Program. The institute seeks applications from many types of researchers including those that study law, social science, public health and public policy. The program has two overall goals to increase the knowledge base about the LGBT population and to better understand the effects of and need for public policies that benefit its members. Applications are accepted from individual researchers as well as from organizations and institutions that conduct large-scale research. It is not necessary to have a history of LGBT-focused research to apply for a grant and researchers looking to expand their careers into LGBT research are strongly encouraged to apply. A list of popular topics for funding are listed on the Williams Institute’s website including the study of issues facing same-sex couples and families, LGBT youth and transgender individuals. For more information about the Small Research Grants Program, call the Williams Institute at 310-267-4382 or email

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