LGBT Grants Fund Non-Profit Social Justice Initiatives

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LGBT GrantsAccording to a recent Williams Institute study, around 4% of the population of the United States identifies itself as being LGBT. This acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, which brings four distinct groups of sexual identity together under one umbrella. And while these groups that make up the LGBT community can be very different from each other, many of the issues they face are quite similar. The organizations that provide LGBT grants focus their support on the community as a whole, often targeting social justice issues and other concerns that benefit almost everyone considered to be LGBT through the funding they offer.

Arcus Foundation
Founded by Michigan resident Jon Stryker, Arcus Foundation splits its efforts between human rights issues facing the LGBT community and the conservation of chimps and apes. Last year it issued 77 grants totaling over $8 million to these two causes. When it comes to LGBT, it provides funding for work that concerns social justice. It’s three main areas of funding involve culture, leadership and protections. Arcus is particularly focused on youth based initiatives specifically that work with minority and transgender populations. For a full description of what the foundation tends to fund, visit their website. Here you will find forms for submitting a letter of inquiry and a full proposal for grant funding.

David Bohnett Foundation
Since its inception in 1998, this foundation has provided over $12 million in funding to non-profit organizations that support the fight for equal rights of the LGBT community. It strives to make our society a better place through social activism and to positively change the way that gays and lesbians are described by our media. It seeks to support organizations that share this mission and vision. All organizations looking for support must have 501c3 status. The application process starts with an eligibility check and the submission of a letter of inquiry and moves to a full application if accepted and invited to do so by the foundation

Gill Foundation
Tim Gill is the entrepreneur behind the successful Quark design software brand. He founded the Gill Foundation back in 1994 which has since provided over $220 million in support for non-profit organizations across America. The vast majority of the foundation’s work involves furthering equality for the LGBT community and for patients diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Around 80% of Gill Foundation funding is centered around LGBT. The other 20% supports a wide range of non-profit organizations across the state of Colorado, where the foundation is based. Gill does not accept unsolicited grant proposals but rather invites requests through invitation only, but the foundation does accept letters of inquiry from groups seeking support. If you are interested in contacting Gill Foundation, check the link above and select if you are inside or outside Colorado to view more specifics about grants. For further information, contact Courtney Lake at

Liberty Hill
This organization calls Los Angeles home and has for almost 40 years fought for a number of causes including the living wage movement, environmental issues and LGBT social justice such as marriage equality. It offers grants that center around LGBT issues in three different categories of grants. These include strategic investment and tactical support grants and the Queer Youth Fund. For more information about this very active LA group, visit the organization’s website and sign up for their monthly updates.

In addition to these great supporters of LGBT, another place to find grant funding is through While the organization behind the website doesn’t offer any grants itself, it maintains a list of smaller community based organizations that do. This organization has proudly been on the front lines of the LGBT cause for over 30 years and provides a place for LGBT groups to come together to network and seek out potential funders for their organizations. Here you can find local funding from San Francisco to New York City and even for smaller towns like Greensboro, NC and Burlington, VT.

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