Left Handed Scholarships for Southpaw Students

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Left Handed ScholarshipsWhile looking into this odd scholarship opportunity, I encountered a bunch of blog entries that suggested that southpaws had numerous routes to education funding in the form of left-handed scholarships and grants. These blogs wrote of various athletic scholarships and even ascribed the Pell Grant as being an opportunity for left-handed students. And while it is true that talented southpaw athletes do at times earn scholarship money by skillfully employing a left-handed advantage in some sports like Baseball, there aren’t actually any athletic scholarships reserved just for lefties. And of course the Pell is a needs based grant for all students and this one has nothing to do with being left-handed, either.

Can you get a scholarship for being left-handed? Well, technically the answer is yes. There is exactly one such scholarship offered in the United States. Many blogs may tell you that a ton of schools offer financial aid for the left-handed. Unfortunately, the truth here is that there is only one scholarship and it is offered at a small school in Pennsylvania to students already enrolled at their college. So if you’re among the 10% of the population that favors your left hand, don’t get to excited unless you happen to attend Juniata College.

Juniata College Left-Handed Scholarship
This scholarship was endowed in 1979 by Mary Francis Beckley, a Juniata alumni who was herself left-handed. It awards at least one scholarship each year to a southpaw student at Juniata for an amount between $1,000 to $1,500. In some years, multiple scholarships are awarded depending on funding availability. The scholarship is also based on academic record, so simply being left-handed will not do the trick by itself if you are also not a great student. And this opportunity is only available for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors already attending Juniata, so incoming freshmen are simply left out.

For more information about this or any other scholarship opportunity offered at Juniata, contact John Wall of the college’s financial aid office. Send your email to wallj@juniata.edu or call 814-641-3132.

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