Landscaping Grants Fund Community and School Projects

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Landscaping GrantsIf you’re looking for landscaping grants so you can fix up your yard, you should probably just stop reading now. Unfortunately there are not really any grants that provide funding for homeowners to accomplish landscaping. However, there are actually landscaping grants, but for the most part they are only available to local municipalities and non-profit groups looking to fix up public parks, plant trees or spruce up an urban space with a community garden. If you live in a very small community, there is one grant that will pay to rehab low-income housing where the money can be used for landscaping. There is also a grant available to schools that can be used for a campus landscaping project among many other uses. But if you are looking for money to plant some new shrubs, there isn’t going to be a grant to help you win your neighborhood yard of the month.

Lowe’s School Grants
The Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Grant Program will pay for a variety of school projects including but not limited to school landscaping projects. Schools selected to receive a grant usually get anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000. Click this link to read our full article on this grant program for schools including information on deadlines and how to apply.

Recreational Trails Program
This government landscaping grant funds the development and maintenance of recreational trails used for hiking, biking, horseback riding and for use by various motorized vehicles. The program receives its funding from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Trust Fund. The formula grant distributes all funding to states. 50% is distributed equally between states. The other 50% is distributed by an estimate of recreational fuel used in each state. To inquire about the availability of state funding to be used by your local area trails projects, contact your state administrator for the RTP.

Forestry Grants
Looking to plant trees around your local community or town? Then these forestry grants are for you. Check out our full article on a few sources of funding for both local governments and non-profit organizations involved in local forestry and conservation efforts.

Rural Development Housing Preservation
These government grants can be used to repair and rehab housing in low-income rural areas, including but not limited to the costs of landscaping. Grants offered are generally issued for $10,000 or less. The funding can be used by homeowners and by owners of rental properties as well. Your town must have a population of 20,000 or less to apply. If you are interested in applying contact your area rural development office which you can easily find by clicking on your state on this online map.

Community Garden Grants
If your landscaping project involves turning an unused community space into a thriving garden or park, check out these grants that benefit those types of projects. Bring your community together through this growing movement that now boasts over 20,000 such projects across the United States.

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