HIV Grants Offer Prevention, Treatment and Research Funding

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HIV GrantsGreat strides have been made in the fight against HIV since the AIDS Virus was first discovered here in the United States in the early 1980s. And while there is no cure for AIDS, success in managing a HIV infection has drastically improved due to the use of drug cocktail treatments largely developed through medical research. HIV grants fund efforts that continue to better our understanding of the disease and develop new strategies to treat the estimated 34 million people who have it worldwide. HIV grants also fund local programs that offer support to AIDS patients. These grants come from the federal government and from private foundations. And while this grant support is usually offered to non-profit organizations, the money that is provided by these grants filter their way down to real help for people living with HIV. If you or someone you know is affected by this devastating virus, there is help available. With over 1.1 million Americans currently living with a HIV infection and 50,000 more cases diagnosed each year, these grants will continue to attempt to make a difference in the lives of families affected by HIV for years to come.
All federal funding offered by the U.S. Government towards the fight against HIV is highlighted on this website. Grant support for HIV related efforts is fairly extensive and spread across numerous federal agencies. And for this reason, information on what Washington offers is put together in one place. Much of these funding opportunities concern medical research and international programs but there is also a ton of support distributed to help patients here at home. The Health Resources and Services Administration provides funding for programs that assist low-income and uninsured HIV patients in obtaining treatment. Additional support is offered to faith-based and community organizations that work one on one with those in need in local areas. To benefit from any of these programs, turn to your local agency that receives federal money to apply for help in your area. Contact your city and state offices to find out what is being offered locally and to figure out who to call to receive help.

AIDS United
Several AIDS foundations merged in 2010 and AIDS United was born. But the work of this organization dates back to 1987. Over the years, it has provided over $75 million in support for community programs for HIV patients and $100 million more towards advocacy, prevention and medical care initiatives. AIDS United offers nearly 30 community partnerships that distribute this funding to local programs. Programs seeking support should contact the community partnership that serves their local area. To find out which partnership to apply to for support, send an email to for more information.

The Foundation for AIDS Research has one singular mission to make AIDS history. Grants offered by this organization mainly fund medical research. And the foundation has provided a large amount of research funding over the years with over 2,200 individual teams of researchers awarded grants to date. Additionally, amfAR offers GMT Initiative Awards. These grants are awarded for up to $20,000 each and provide funding to programs in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Latin America. These projects provide support for gay and transgender communities affected by HIV in low-income countries.

Campbell Foundation
Another foundation with its support focused squarely towards AIDS research is Campbell. It has funded over 130 projects since its founding in 1995. Grants are awarded to non-profit entities only and are available for first-year funding for new research projects. The foundation accepts requests for support year round in a process that begins with a letter of intent. LOIs are accepted and reviewed four times a year in January, April, July and October. Projects selected by the foundation are invited to file full proposals that are picked for funding by a 15 person review board. Grants traditionally range in size from $60,000 to $100,000 each. For more information, send an email to

Elton John AIDS Foundation
This foundation was created by well-known musician Elton John in 1992. It maintains an office in both New York City and London and has provided over $300 million in support to the fight against AIDS. The grants it offers infuse funding to programs that focus on prevention, treatment, care and support services. They also fund efforts to eliminate discrimination toward people living with HIV. EJAF accepts unsolicited proposals once each year during the month of May. Applications are reviewed every Summer with funding decisions announced by the end of the year. For more information about how the Elton John AIDS Foundation can assist your local program, visit the EJAF website and fill out this contact form to send your message to the foundation’s staff.

Magic Johnson Foundation
In 1991, NBA star Magic Johnson announced to the world that he had been diagnosed HIV positive and immediately formed his own foundation dedicated to the fight against the disease. In the decades that have followed, MJF has become a leading force in the world of HIV/AIDS grantmaking. Its grant support funds awareness, prevention, testing and treatment and is largely focused within urban communities where the spread of HIV is disproportionately impacted. Grants range in size from $5,000 to $25,000. Organizations interested in applying should look over these grant guidelines and file a letter of request to start the application process. Letters are accepted on an ongoing basis. For questions about any of the foundation’s HIV/AIDS initiatives, contact Shane Jenkins by calling 310-246-4400. In addition to the foundation’s support to non-profits working against HIV, it also runs a network of Community Empowerment Centers that provide access to technology in some of our nation’s poorest communities. MJF also offers a scholarship opportunity to minority students in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta. Named as a memorial to former foundation COO, the Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program sends between 30-35 disadvantaged kids to college every year.

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