Green Grants Support Environmental Protection and Sustainability

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Green GrantsGoing green is a movement that seeks to increase overall environmental sustainability and decrease our negative impact on the environment. Any move can be considered greening that lowers our dependence on carbon based fossil fuels, reduces waste or conserves natural resources. Green grants provide funding to groups that focus on making positive environmental changes that result in a more sustainable future.

Green grants encourage lifestyle changes that have a lasting effect on the environment. They come from government and non-profit sources and focus on the areas of renewable energy, waste reduction, recycling, conservation of water and becoming more energy-efficient. A number of universities also offer green grants to students to develop programs to improve the college campus and instill a green lifestyle after graduation.

Government Green Grants
Most of the government programs that offer green grant initiatives come from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. To find all environmental grant opportunities currently being offered by the federal government, visit and search grants by agency to find new federal green grants as they become available.

Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA offers a wide array of funding opportunities for green grant programs. These deal with increasing the quality of air and water, development of green energy, pollution reduction and environmental education. In addition to offering grants, the EPA sponsors a number of fellowships and scholarships to students pursuing a career in environmental research.

U.S. Department of Energy
The vast majority of funding offered by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is awarded to businesses, industry and universities. Grants offered by the office deal with the development of hybrid and fuel cell technology, water power and clean manufacturing.

Green Grants from Non-Profits
Non-profit organizations often offer green grants of various types. Generally this funding supports programs that encourage conservation efforts and change of personal habits to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Global Greengrants Fund
This international fund offers small grants of $3,000 to $5,000 to local projects that focus on the environment in Africa, Asia, Latin America and island nations. The fund supports local activists and organizations in over 140 countries, often offering the only financial support they receive. Grant support inside the United States is not offered by the Global Greengrants Fund.

Together Green
Audubon and Toyota have teamed up to provide the Together Green Innovation Grants Program since 2008, awarding nearly $4.7 million to well over 200 projects. This program funds various conservation partnerships that seek innovative solutions to environmental problems. Grants are awarded that focus on habitat, water, energy and public awareness of conservation. Grants are available to non-profit groups partnered with Audubon inside the United States.

University Green Grant Programs
Universities offer green grant initiatives to decrease their campus’ overall environmental impact. These programs encourage involvement with the college community to help solve the strain on the environment caused by day to day operations.

Duke Green Grant Fund
Through a $50,000 annual fund, the university implements initiatives conceived by students, faculty and staff that reduce the environmental impact of Duke’s campus and health system. Applications are accepted year round as long as funding is still available. Green grants issued by the fund have been used to host conferences, provide training, conduct research, start new programs and have even paid for a bike powered smoothie and concert event on the school’s campus.

NYU Green Grants
Through the Campus Innovation Challenge, the green grants program identifies school sustainability issues and involves students, faculty and staff in seeking solutions to these environmental problems. Grants are awarded to the projects that have the most impact, are feasible to implement and show potential to have long-term effects.

UC Berkeley Green Fund Grants
This annual program allows members of the UC Berkeley community to create and implement green projects across their school’s campus. Grant applications are accepted each spring.

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