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So, you’re a single mother. You are far from alone. Almost 30% of children in America are currently being raised in a home with only one parent. Making ends meet is twice as tough when you go it alone. And your children shouldn’t have to suffer a single ounce because you are their only breadwinner.

I myself was raised by a single mom. My parents filed for divorce when I was only 3. To this day, I respect the sacrifices my mom had to make to get us by. I think we’re stronger for it in the long run, to be honest. And it certainly wasn’t all hard times. My mom found herself at a place in life without proper support to raise a child and made it her only goal to provide for me.

Bettering your economic situation is your key. And the good news is that there is a ton of help for women going it alone while raising kids. Governments grants and charitable organizations help women just like you get the job done for your family. A ton of government assistance is there to support families with kids. If you’re raising your child without a father in your life, you should explore the government funding that exists to ensure you have a fighting chance. Don’t be afraid to apply for every program you find that can help your child. But the best thing you can do in your situation is earn a better education. The wealth of jobs out there for those that have completed degrees far exceeds the work you can find without it.

There are in fact some scholarships available for single mothers to attend college. While somewhat rare, these single parent scholarships do exist. Contact the financial aid offices at the colleges in your area. Perhaps you’ll find a scholarship program in your area like any of the following. If you live in Bowie County, Texas or anywhere in Arkansas, you can apply for the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship. Check your area to see if you have a similar program near you.

If not, don’t fret. You have a ton of other opportunities to garner scholarships and grants to attend college. The U. S. Government offers a tremendous amount of government grants and loans to help you follow your dreams. $35 Billion a year is distributed to students attending college through the Pell Grant. Since the criteria is mainly focused on financial need, many single mothers seek and receive assistance to earn a degree.

If you don’t apply but still need help, be aware that there are numerous organizations that offer grants and scholarships to only women to go to school. Are you over 30? Check out this list of scholarships and that are only available for you. Over 40? Not a problem. There is even more help for those going back to school late in life because they put their personal goals on hold to raise their family.

A good friend of mine who is a young woman in her thirties recently found herself twice divorced with two separate children from two different dads. Due to the schedule constraints of raising small children, she took a hard look at her situation and decided to become a teacher. She moved back in with her family and completed an education degree at her local college. This fall she’ll be joining the workforce again as a certified teacher. The work schedule will allow her to avoid most childcare costs she simply cannot afford. And the added plus of having the same days off that her kids do from school means she can both provide for her family without having to spend time away from being their mom. My friend was only able to accomplish her teaching certification through a government grant program called the TEACH Grant. This provided her with the college money she so desperately needed to become a teacher and she is currently working off this grant with her first year as an art teacher.

How TEACH grants let teachers work off school loans.

While not considered grants, if the point here is that you are just downright seeking help. Understand that there are government assistance programs simply designed to help you out. Women, Children and Infants or WIC is a great resource for single mothers. This government program not only provides supplemental food sources but also support for pregnant women and recent mothers. WIC will work with you until your child is age 5 and will offer training and assistance for those trying to figure things out when a father simply isn’t around.

Don’t shy away from accepting help. Programs such as SNAP are there to help you out, when putting a meal on the table for your kids isn’t as easy as it sounds. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is named that for a reason. If that describes your situation, you should apply for TANF. These government programs are designed to help put you back on your feet when life throws you a curve ball that you simply can’t survive. Put your pride aside and ask for help for yourself and your children. These government grants that are available locally will provide you with a safety net for you and your family to ensure that you do not go without.

Local problems are most often solved locally. The best way to find sources for grants in your area is to look. Call your town’s United Way and any other organization in your area to find out what they provide. Contact your church. The vast majority of support available to you is based where you live. Look into food banks and area charities to find out what they offer and where to apply. I wish you the best in your journey to provide the very best you can offer your family.

Good luck!

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    I have a great nephew who lives in Washington DC. 5 years ago he was shot in the head on his way home from the recreation center by a stray bullet, they said he was brain dead, he graduated from high school yesterday and his mother has to take the wheelchair van back, he has a wonderful mother, I just wanted something wonderful for those two from some kind of miracle grant.

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