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Grants For School GardensAre you looking for a grant to start a school garden program or to provide further funding to keep your existing school garden growing in the right direction? Many providers in the seed and garden industry offer school garden grants. Funding for school gardens is also available through private non-profit groups and food related for-profit businesses, as well. These programs not only provide grant funding for your school project but offer additional resources to make your school garden project a success.

Annie’s Homegrown
Annie’s Homegrown is a leading brand of organic and natural foods. The company offers a Grants for Gardens program to put children in contact with growing real food and the educational experience that comes with it. Annie’s has provided funding for over 200 school gardens since 2008. Grants for Gardens splits its grants annually between Spring and Fall rounds.

Armstrong School Garden Program
Armstrong Garden Centers provides the Armstrong School Garden Program to schools located within 5 miles of any of their gardening centers. Each school must already have its own school garden project, but encountering financial issues keeping it growing. Grant recipients receive a banner and sign package as well as coupons for supplies for their school garden.

California Fertilizer Foundation
The CFF offers grants to 24 California schools annually to fund school garden projects. It has funded over 250 school garden projects to the tune of $300,000 since 1999. Each school selected for a CFF Grant receives $1,200 to use for their campus garden. The deadline for this grant is January 15, each year.

Food Corps
Food Corps is an offshoot of the AmeriCorps Service Network. It’s overall mission is to expose children to healthy food and to educate them on how to eat nutritiously. Food Corps partners with several school garden grant programs and offers resources for school programs in the form of Food Corps Fellows, placed locally in many states to work one on one with community partnerships.

Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Fruit Tree 101 is a partnership between the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Stretch Island Fruit Co. to place fruit tree orchards on school grounds. 12-20 tree orchard donations are made to public schools under the program. Applications are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and availability in specific areas can change over time.

Green Thumb Challenge
The Green Education Foundation offers $1,000 grants to support ongoing school and youth gardening projects. Funding is available to current projects only, not for new programs that are not yet up and running. To be eligible your program must serve children from grades K-12. Entries for this year’s grants must be submitted by mail by September 30. Applicants must supply a completed application, contest disclaimer and additional materials such as video, photography or artwork.

Herb Society of America
Under the Donald Samull Classroom Herb Garden Grant, schools can receive grants to incorporate herb gardens and education about herbs to their students. Grants are available to public and private school teachers that teach grades 3-6 and serve a minimum of 15 students. Selected classrooms will receive herb garden kits including pots, soils, seeds and educational materials for use in each classroom. The deadline for applications is October 1, each year, with grants awarded during December.

Lowe’s Toolbox for Education
The Lowe’s chain of home improvement stores offers school improvement grants of up to $5,000 through its Toolbox for Education program. While funding can be used for almost any project around the school campus, this grant can be used to create a school garden or greenhouse project. Deadlines for submissions are handled twice each year by February 15 and October 15.

Seeds for Education
The Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Grant Program awards small cash grants from $100 to $500 to fund school gardening and community nature projects. Each project must use native plants and funding must be used to create educational opportunity about the native-plant community. Recipients are also eligible for discounts with Seeds for Education nursery partners. Funding for this program comes from donations from Wild Ones members. The annual deadline for a SFE grant is October 15, with grants announced and awarded by February 15, each year.

Syngenta Seed Grant Program
Syngenta is a leader in vegetable seed and crop protection products. Through its Seed Grant Program, it supports the establishment of school and community gardens with the purpose of facilitating education in local communities. Grant recipients receive a package of vegetable seed, a flip camera and a materials donation gift card. The yearly deadline for the Syngenta Seed Grant Program is September 15. Grants are only made to non-profit organizations with 501c3 status or to schools and government agencies.

Whole Kids
Whole Kids is a program provided by Whole Foods Market. It’s School Garden Grants Program awards around 600 grants annually. Applications open each fall between September 1 and October 31 and are awarded the following Spring. In addition to the grants program, Whole Kids also provides a School Garden Resource Center to help educate teachers and kids about school gardening and to assist grantee schools in bringing their school garden projects to fruition.

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