Grants for School Field Trips Fund Activities and Transportation Costs

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Grants For School Field TripsResearch shows that children learn lasting lessons when the hands on experience available outside the classroom is made possible. The types of learning experiences available to kids out in the real world provide an engaging close up look at the environment around them. The school field trip can expose students to knowledge in new ways and reinforce lessons back in the classroom setting.

But with budgets for these types of trips drastically reduced in recent years, many school kids no longer have access to the rich learning experience of a simple class field trip. Fund-raising may still be a valid option but there are in fact school field trip grants that provide money for these out of school experiences. If you are planning a trip for your class and find yourself in need of funding, you should apply for a field trip grant.

Target Field Trip Grants
In 2007, Target started its Field Trip Grants Program and its been going strong ever since. It’s sent millions of kids on field trips across all fifty states. Each year Target awards 5,000 grants so children of all ages can afford an educational field trip awarding each school selected up to $700. These grants are available for any K-12 school in the United States. Applications are accepted at the end of summer between August 1 and September 30 and are awarded during the ensuing school year. For more information about other education grants offered by Target, check out our article on Target grants.

Bus Grants for Field Trips
If your school bus fleet isn’t up to snuff or funding isn’t available to provide transportation for school field trips, perhaps you can receive a field trip bus grant. Several types of groups offer these grants. The best way is to search locally as bus grants are far from offered everywhere. But some areas have access to groups that assist schools with transportation to educational settings.

Nationwide – Field Trip Factory
Field Trip Factory is a national organization that provides around thirty tailor made excursions suitable for educational field trips for groups of school children in the United States and Canada. The service is free to schools and many of these trips focus on the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and math. In addition to offering fund-raising support to school groups trying to fund these trips, it also offers a grant to pay for transportation to any of its field trip opportunities. It does however only offer one grant per month. If selected, your school will receive a $100 grant to put toward transportation reimbursement.

Massachusetts – Big Yellow School Bus
Several statewide programs issue bus transportation grants for school children to take field trips. In Massachusetts these are offered by the Cultural Council. The Big Yellow School Bus Program will grant $200 per school to send children on educational trips focused on arts, sciences and humanities subjects. These grants are open to any K-12 school located inside Massachusetts. Search organizations in your state to see if there are any bus grant programs that serve your school.

San Diego – Arts Bus Xpress
Some local programs also issue bus grants for school field trips. One of these is the San Diego area program Arts Bus Xpress which provides funding for arts related field trips. Now the organization doesn’t actually own a bus, but rather provides transportation costs needed for field trips for schools in their area. San Diego Unified School District can see grants of $180-$225 per bus while county and private schools can receive up to $350 per bus. Search locally to find out if there are any groups offering bus grants in your school’s city or county.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I was wanting to see about getting grants for our Elementary School in Burnsville, WV. I was just voted in as PTA President for the next school year. I have 2 children in this school. My daughters will be in the 6th grade next year and has never been able to go on a field trip with this school due to lack of funding. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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