Grants for Non-Profit Organizations: Funding Sources and Resources

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Grants For Non Profit OrganizationsThere are now over 1.5 million non-profit organizations operating in the United States. While the purpose of non-profits vary greatly, they have a few simple things in common. They are founded without the motive to make a profit for investors and generally support efforts considered to benefit the common good. Most survive off private donations, fundraising and charging for products or services, but can also benefit from a large number of available grants.

Whether you are starting a new non-profit or looking for funding for one that already exists, applying for grants for your non-profit can help to provide for anything from paying for general operating expenses to expanding your current programs. Grants for non-profits come from two major sources: federal government grants and support from private foundations.
The Department of Health and Human Services maintains, providing one online source for all grants offered by the 26 different agencies of the federal government currently providing grant support. Non-profit organizations seeking a government grant can use this site to find and apply for grants to support the work of their organizations. There are currently over 2,000 grants listed. Use the grants search to find listings by keyword, category, agency and eligibility. Each listing provides general information about the grant program being offered including deadlines for applications and contact information for the office offering the grant.

Foundation Center
The Foundation Center was established in 1956 and provides resources and support for philanthropic efforts worldwide. It operates five regional libraries and offers online support for non-profit organizations. The center’s foundation finder is provided as a free service for non-profits to search for grants offered inside the United States. It includes listings of grant information from private foundations, community foundations, public charities and corporate donation programs and allows you to search geographically to find grant sources in your particular city, state or zip code. In addition, the center also offers access to a more extensive database of 108,000 foundations as part of a paid service called Foundation Directory Online. The center also provides a network of 470 libraries, community foundations and non-profit resource centers located across the United States. To find the one nearest you, use the cooperating collections map for location and hours these resources are available in your area.

National Council of Nonprofits
Another great resource for non-profit organizations seeking grant support is the National Council of Nonprofits. This is the largest non-profit network inside the United States. It works with state associations in 36 states, allowing for coordination between non-profit organizations on the local level. This can be a valid strategy for non-profit organizations to work together to share resources and find local funding. To find out if your state is supported, visit the state association page on the NCN website.

Google Grants
If you’re looking for a great way to get the word out about your non-profit’s website, the leader in online search offers support for non-profit organizations through free AdWords advertising campaigns. If selected, your organization can receive up to $10,000 per month in online advertising. To apply for free advertising, you must first join Google for Nonprofits and once approved you will be able to sign up for Google Grants. If you are unfamiliar with Google AdWords and how it can greatly assist your non-profit through online exposure, watch this AdWords for Non-Profits video tutorial.

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  1. Morona says:

    Do you know were I can find a video explanation of the Google Grant. I was looking for it today but could not find it. Thank You in advance

  2. We would like to get a grant in the field of Environment, Agriculture, Social Sciences and rural development. I would also like to get the details on how to structure our proposal. TY Managing Director Ruwan Dharmaratne

  3. Enrique Rivera says:

    I would like a grant to start a handyman business. I would need funds for truck and license. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  4. I am working with an NGO called Community Initiative Care for the Orphans founded in 2011 as a community based organization which became a non-governmental organization in 2014. We are located in the Wakiso district in central Uganda. Our mission is to create an informed, creative and innovative educated and HIV/AIDS free society in Wakiso district. Our vision is to provide a sustainable education, health care and social welfare facilities to the orphans, youth and vulnerable children and to those people living with HIV/AIDS or who are most at risk of our population and vulnerable people. We are seeking for funds to support our organization. Thanks.

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