Grants for iPads for Autistic Kids and School Purchases

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Grants for iPadsiPads have become incredibly popular devices. In the short time we’ve been covering grants that people are searching for, we’ve already covered grant programs to help purchase iPads three separate times. No doubt, the iPad is a neat invention. But the possibilities for learning with them are rather unexpected consequences of when technology meets application. The results autistic children show when using apps as assistive technology are rather stunning. And what could be better than to be a child today with teachers and students armed with space age learning devices. Yes, this is my I walked a mile in the snow story, but when I was in high school we fought school wide over our one Apple Macintosh. Anyway, here are a few articles I’ve written that discuss pursuing grants for iPads and other Apple products.

Apple Grants
A common misconception is that Apple provides grants for iPods, iPads or Apple Computers. It doesn’t. What it rather offers is the Apple in Education program. Here it discounts products for purchase by school districts, teachers and students. While Apple does contribute to philanthropic pursuits through corporate donations, none of these provide computers or products. It does offer an exceptional line of educational hardware and software and bulk pricing is provided to school districts and technology departments. It also offers school districts a technology recycling program where if older hardware still maintains a secondary market as refurbished, it will provide a credit on new purchases for any discarded equipment.

Autism Grants for iPads
iPads are great tools for use by special education students, including the growing population of children with autism. Applications are used for a variety of tools that allow autistic children a wider access to communication. In this article, we covered three very special organizations that fund the purchase of iPads for autistic children. Every single one of them is founded by the parent of an autistic child themselves. In each case their own experience with their child and this assistive technology inspired them to get involved to bring the devices to other children like their own. Feel free to provide a donation or apply for an iPad yourself for your autistic young one.

Grants for iPads in the Classroom
While it’s very hard to find grants that will provide iPads for the classroom, here we talk about using an unusual method to obtain them. And no it’s not stealing them. Many have heard of the online resource for teachers called Donors Choose. The website allows for teachers across the United States to make specific requests for items needed for lessons and class projects. Donors to the website then choose the project they want to help fund and can donate any amount they want even as little as one dollar. Teachers looking for iPad funding often make requests through the website. For a full list of current iPad requests or to browse any listing a teacher is asking for, visit Donors Choose today. Click “I’m a teacher” to make a request for your own classroom or select “Choose a project for me” to donate a dollar to a worthy cause.

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  1. Bobbi Montgomery says:

    Would love to apply for an IPad for my son. He was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 5 and he is super intelligent!

  2. Melissa Walker says:

    Hi, I have an autistic child nonverbal on centrelink benefits. I am a single mum and financially cannot afford all the added bills. Do u know how I can get help through a grant? Thanks, Melissa

    • Kipp Shives says:

      Hi, Melissa. Since you said Mum I assumed you were from the United Kingdom. Generally I just research grants here in America. If you want, I’ll take a look at British support for Autistic families and see if there are any general support grants available. Let me know by email where you are for sure.

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