Grants for Dads to Attend College and Provide for Their Families

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Grants for DadsWhile there is no such thing as a “Dad Grant,” there are a number of programs that offer grants which can help fathers make ends meet and become better providers for their families. These include opportunities for college funding and a large amount of government support through state entitlement and benefit programs. If you are struggling to support your family, you should look into all of these options available for fathers that can better your family’s financial situation.

College Grants for Dads
If you are considering going back to school later in life to better your ability to provide for your family, you are far from alone. Around 25% of college attendees today are just like you and are choosing to attend school a nontraditional student. And the good news here is that if you are attending school as an older adult, you are more likely to receive grant support from federal education programs than younger students. Of the almost $35 billion distributed annually through the Pell Grant, around half of this money goes to support older, nontraditional students. This is a needs based grant which does not have to be paid back and provides up to $5,645 a year to pursue a college education. In addition to the Pell, the U.S. Department of Education offers a number of other federal student grants and loan program that can help you acquire your degree. If you are a single parent, you should contact the school you plan to attend’s financial aid office to find out if they offer any scholarship or grant opportunities for single parents. Not every school has this, but a growing number of colleges and universities in the United States offer this type of financial aid.

Government Grants for Dads
Every state has a safety net of assistance programs funded through federal grants to help low-income families provide for basic needs. If you are a struggling dad, you should look into the programs that are available in your state to help you make ends meet. Every state has a supplemental nutrition assistance program or SNAP and a temporary assistance for needy families program or TANF. SNAP provides funding to purchase nutritious foods for your family through the use of electronic benefits transfer or EBT cards. Each state’s TANF program will provide temporary cash assistance while you enroll in job training and placement programs to help better your family’s economic situation. For a full list of programs that are available in your state, visit and select your state to find out what programs are available to help your family in your local area.

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  1. Matthew Raboin says:

    I am a struggling single father of 2 children who wants to better my education for myself and the future of my kids. I probably don’t meet the requirements because I have no college experience at all. However I am determined to go back to school if there is any help for me to do so.

    • Kipp Shives says:

      Matthew, I hear ya man. The Pell grant is only based on financial need so it really just comes down to your income, but with two kids at home and with you as a single Dad I’m sure you’d have no problem meeting the grant’s eligibility requirements. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had no college experience, they award the grant for up to six years to incoming freshmen all the time. Just fill out the FAFSA starting in January to be considered for next year. Good luck finding a way to better your life for you and your kids.

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