How to Find Grants for Black Men Offered by Foundations

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Grants For Black MenFoundations often target minority groups for funding when a particular group is disproportionately affected by issues such as poverty, unemployment or crime. This is often the case with grants that support black men. For example, if drop out rates are much higher in black men than in whites, foundations may choose to support education initiatives that seek to boost those graduation rates through community tutoring and mentoring. If you are looking to start a non-profit organization to work with black men or expand one you work at already, here is some information on finding grants that specifically target your cause. I’ve also provided an example of a great community group that was fostered through a large foundation grant that’s doing just that.

Finding Grants for Black Men Through Foundation Center
The Foundation Center is a watchdog of the grants industry maintaining information on over 100,000 private foundations that offer grant support. They also conduct research on foundation support for various population groups that help identify trends and measure results. In this video, their Vice President for Research Lawrence T. McGill speaks about how to identify grants that specifically help black men. While the center offers a paid service to view listings on foundations that offer grants, you can get free access to their Foundation Directory Online at over 470 cooperating collections across the United States. Use this search to find a library or non-profit center near you offering the directory. Be aware that just because a foundation doesn’t list that it supports grants for black men that this does not mean it doesn’t. But start with foundations that list this as a population group that they target for grants and go from there.

This group is an example of how a program springs into existence through a grant from a foundation like this. In 2011, BMe was started through support from the Knight Foundation. The group is a society of black men supporting work in their own local communities. The project allowed men in Detroit and Philadelphia to tell their own stories through video and eventually compete for BMe Leadership Awards. Knight Foundation then infused $400,000 to 20 smaller programs run by the selected BMe Leaders. Through further grants from Open Society Foundation and the Heinz Endowment, BMe has now expanded into Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Its current initiative works with Lacek Group. BMe is a perfect example of how an idea for change can start with one source of funding and pick up speed as it rolls down the hill.

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