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Grants For Art EducationFunding for art education in public schools has been in decline since the 1970s. A number of organizations support art education through grants that continue to expose youth to art in the classroom. This support is offered by national organizations that work in art education, corporate donations and from state arts councils and commissions. If you are looking for funding for your local arts education program, here are a few options to consider.

National Art Education Association
This philanthropic group supports art teachers and promotes art education in the United States. Since its founding in 1985, its funded 267 projects. It offers grant support through five grant programs. These range in size from $500 to $10,000 depending on the grant.

Ruth Halvorsen Professional Development Grants – This program provides scholarships of up to $2,500 available to art educators for proposals that relate to National Visual Arts Standards and that support art education.

Mary McMullan Grants – Selected projects should promote art education in elementary, secondary or postsecondary curriculum. The maximum grant size is $2,500.

NAEA Research Grants – These grants are available up to $10,000 to fund research projects related to recommendations made by NAEA’s Commission on Research.

SHIP Grants – These annual awards of $500 each fund purchase of art equipment and instructional materials needed by art educators.

Teacher Incentive Grants – Up to $2,500 is awarded to projects that promote the teaching of art.

National Guild for Community Arts Education
This organization was founded in 1937 and is a leading advocacy group in the art education field. It provides resources to those operating community arts education programs. It offers its membership two grant programs through partnership with the MetLife Foundation.

Creative Aging Program – Grant support of up to $2,000 is offered to arts education organizations that work with older adults. Each program must provide instruction to a minimum of 25 adults each year to receive funding.

Partners in Arts Education – Supports partnerships between arts education organizations and public schools. Grants are awarded up to $20,000 to increase art learning opportunity in K-12 classrooms.

Target Arts, Culture and Design in Schools
Target Corporation mostly provides education grants through its Target Foundation Grant Program. It provides $2,000 to each school it funds through its Arts, Culture and Design in Schools Grants. Funding can be used to pay for any arts program that enhances normal art curriculum. The grant usually funds in-school arts performances, artist in residency programs and art workshops for students. Applications for this grant open yearly on March 1 and funding must be used the following school year. For a full rundown of all educational grants offered by Target Corporation, check out our article on Target Grants.

State Arts Councils and Commissions
Many states have arts councils or arts commissions. These state supported agencies generally derive their funding from federal and state grants. Many provide opportunities for local art education programs. If you are seeking support for an art education program, this is the first place you should look to find a source of local funding. Here are a few examples of arts education grants offered by these state arts organizations.

Missouri Arts Council
This council provides three different grant programs that support arts education in Missouri’s K-12 schools. The Big Yellow Bus Grant pays for transportation costs for student field trips to arts facilities, festivals, exhibits and performances. Schools can receive up to $300 to travel to programs funded by the arts council. The School Touring Program provides funding for in-school arts performances. Schools are required to match 40% of the performance cost to receive up to $1,000 to fund a performance for school children. The third program is the Monthly and Annual Arts Education Program. This provides funding for artists in residence programs and out of school experiences and funds professional development grants. Monthly grants are awarded up to $2,000. Yearly grants are provided up to $7,500.

North Carolina Arts Council
In North Carolina, the arts council provides a grant program called Arts in Education. Funding is available to both schools and non-profit organizations that foster arts programming in K-12 schools. Priority is usually given to initiatives that place artists into the classroom setting or form partnerships between arts organizations and the school’s art programs. Contact the director of the grant program Banu Valladares to discuss your proposal early in your grant writing process. Call 919-807-6502 or email

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