Grant for Quilting Offers Funding for Quilting Classes

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Grant for QuiltingYes, believe it or not, there is actually a grant for quilting. Offered by the National Quilting Association, the non-profit was founded in 1970 to support quiltmaking, the collection of quilts and the preservation of the art of quilting. It has grown over the years from a group of seven dedicated quilters into a nationwide network of local chapters. It provides certification to quilting teachers that work with beginning quilters and to judges involved with quilting competitions. It hosts a Quilt Show where the quilting community and industry sponsors mix on an annual basis.

As part of each year’s show, the NQA provides a little quilt auction to sell donated quilts to raise funding for the association’s grant program. This year over 200 quilts were sold during the fundraiser. It also receives private donations from supporters that earmark funds to be used by the grant program. The availability of grants is determined by the overall success of yearly fundraising efforts. Following the June show, the NQA accepts applications from July to October 15.

Funding from the NQA grant program is available to both organizations and individuals for a few different types of projects. Funding can support the teaching of quiltmaking. It can be used for community outreach programs that involve quilting. Funds can support research as well. The association is interested in supporting research that focuses on the history of quilts, quiltmakers or any subject pertaining to quilting.

Visit the NQA website for a full rundown of how to apply for the grant program. There it provides an application form in PDF format. This form can only be submitted by mail and you must supply six copies. You must also submit two letters of recommendation. The association does not accept any additional media such as video tapes, DVDs or CDs and will not review or return any unsolicited materials. If you have any further questions about the program, use the website’s contact form and request communication with the grant coordinator or you can call 614-488-8520.

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