Google Grants Give Back $100 Billion a Year From the Search Giant

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Google GrantsGoogle hit the news again recently when its corporate stock exceeded the $1,000 per share mark on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, making it one of only a few elite companies that boast a four digit stock price. And the reasons for the jump are easy to understand. Google Search alone powers an economic engine that offers us many cool and often free products that have life changing effects. Google Earth has always seemed to me to be one of the coolest applications of technology now available in our daily lives. Google is also a fairly philanthropic company. And while some tech giants often come under fire for not giving enough back, Google offers a number of grants that make investments back into not only the communities it calls home but to non-profit causes and the world at large. Here are the ways that Google grants are offered by the company and distributed.

Non-Profit Ad Words Grants
Non-profit organizations would love to be able to advertise through Google Search, and through corporate generosity now they can afford to. Google offers to eligible 501c3 holders an in-kind gift of $10,000 a month in online advertising. This free advertising can be used to target Google users with several types of messaging. Ads can be used to push fundraisers, promote products you can buy that donate to your cause through their purchase and for simple use by awareness campaigns. For more details about how the grant program works, check out the Google Ad Words for non-profits page at Or to apply right away, just click on this link.

Google Foundation
Google’s charitable foundation provides $100 billion a year of support to causes around the world and donates another $1 billion in products. Very early during the formation of the company 10% of Google stock was placed in ownership by the company’s foundation. And with 3 million shares of stock held in its endowment, this tremendously large budget can accomplish a ton of good. The foundation supports efforts that empower women and girls, fight to end child trafficking and abuse, protect endangered wildlife, respond to international crises and improve education.

Global Impact Grants
These grants support international efforts that often mix technological solutions to common worldwide problems. This has includes support for Donors Choose which allows supporters over the internet to donate to specific school classrooms who need supplies and materials and Give Directly which allows online cash donation directly to some of the world’s poorest people. Google seeks to involve itself with innovators working on solutions to improve the world that don’t accept impossible as an answer. If this describes you, check out this video to see examples of some of the projects these awards are currently funding.

Community Impact Grants
These grants support the work of non-profit organizations in many of the communities where Google has offices. And this includes around 70 cities inside the United States and over 40 countries around the world. Funding for various projects includes many STEM-based education initiatives and local conservation efforts. Google’s Google Serve campaign also not only encourages volunteerism by Google employees but matches funding to the causes and organizations that its own employees choose to support themselves.

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