Golf Grants Help Young People and the Disabled Discover Golf

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Golf GrantsAround 30 million Americans regularly enjoy the game of golf. It is a favorite pastime for people of all ages and from all socioeconomic backgrounds. But the costs associated with the game from purchasing golf clubs to paying greens fees often keep some from being able to experience the love of golf for themselves. And for this reason, several well-known golf organizations offer golf grants to support programs that expand the opportunity to play to young up and comers in the golf world and to other underserved populations of golf lovers across the United States. It is through this generosity that the golfing community continues to expand ensuring the health of the sport for years to come.

American Junior Golf Association
With initial support from Rolex, the AJGA started the ACE Grant Program in 2004 to assist junior golfers who lacked the proper financial support necessary to compete in competitive junior golf events. The program was conceived in response to the fact that many talented young golfers simply did not possess the resources to afford to play in these events where players compete for college golf scholarships. So the AJGA stepped in to open up this opportunity to those who could not afford the prohibitive costs necessary to play golf on their own. The ACE Grant has since awarded over $1.5 million in funding to almost 500 junior golfers and plans to expand the program until all young golfers who show financial need can receive adequate help. To apply for an ACE Grant, you must be a member of the AJGA. But if you are found to be ineligible for the grant program and have not entered any events, you can request to have your membership fee refunded. The ACE Grant is a needs based grant program but junior players must also be able to qualify for competitive golf events on their talent alone to be considered for funding.

National Alliance for Accessible Golf
The NAAG was founded in 2001 as an advocate for disabled Americans involved in the game of golf. It is the overall mission of the alliance to expand opportunity for people with disabilities to be able to experience the social and health benefits of the active lifestyle which golf provides. Through partnership with the USGA, this organization offers grants to other non-profit organizations that provide golf programs for those with disabilities and to golf programs that seek to include disabled players in their already successful community programs. The alliance accepts applications for these golf grants on a rolling basis with a typical turnaround of 1-2 months for review. If you have any questions about how your organization can benefit from these accessible golf program grants, send an email to

United States Golf Association
The USGA was founded way back in 1894 and has taken the lead in the American golfing community ever since. The organization’s many contributions to golf in the United States include the standardization of game rules, the establishment of the player handicap system and the creation of a national championship. Its major commitment in philanthropy is to the support of junior golf programs that expand the opportunity to play golf in young, underserved populations. Through these USGA Junior Golf Grants, the organization provides matching funds to groups that provide junior golf programs. Funds can be used to purchase golf equipment, afford quality lessons, pay for course and range fees and provide transportation for participants. Grant requests are accepted year round and are evaluated on a number of factors. If you have any questions about the program, contact the USGA by emailing or by dialing 719-471-4810.

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