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Free Hair TransplantAccording to Web MD, the cost of a hair transplant can run from around $5,000 all the way up to $15,000 and this is rarely if ever covered under an insurance plan. The actual cost varies from procedure to procedure as what is charged is typically determined by how many hair grafts are needed to achieve the desired level of hair restoration. This can require as few as 600 or as many as 3,000 individual grafts. This high cost of a hair transplant causes many to seek out grants and other forms of financial support to be able to afford to have the surgery accomplished. There doesn’t seem to be any grants for this but there are a few places where those considering a hair transplant procedure can turn to possibly win a free restoration. While the main provider of this type of contest has shut down that program and now simply offers a small discount, I was able to find several other sources for free hair transplant giveaways offered by hair restoration surgeons. If you do not live in one of these areas or are not willing to travel to have a procedure done, check with your local hair restoration professionals to see if they offer anything similar to what you see here in your local area.

Bosley / Medical Hair Restoration Product Discount
In 2010, the two leading hair replacement companies Bosley and Medical Hair Restoration merged and are now operated under the Bosley brand. MHR had formerly offered a free hair transplant giveaway, granting a free graft worth around $5,000 to one lucky customer. Under Bosley, this program has changed but now offers a $250 gift card towards the purchase of any hair restoration procedure to anyone that registers to receive a free Bosley information kit. While the company no longer offers free hair replacement, it does offer this money-saving discount to anyone and everyone who asks to receive its hair restoration information kit through

The other sources for free hair transplants I was able to find include an offshore clinic that allows you to earn a free hair transplant through marketing their services to your own personal network, a rather cool South Florida program where two local men are selected to battle it out to win a free transplant and a yearly opportunity to have a transplant accomplished at a major hair transplant provider’s annual conference. If none of these seem right for you, I’d suggest again to search locally to see if anything similar is being offered by transplant clinics or doctors in your city or town.

Alba Reyes Sagiv Free Hair Transplant
This is a skin and hair transplant institute based in the Dominican Republic since 1999. The clinic offers a program where patients can earn a free hair transplant through promotion of its services to their friends, family members, coworkers and social media networks. While going abroad for surgery certainly isn’t an option everyone would consider, if this seems like a great fit for you, you should definitely look into the program offered by the clinic. Simply sign up by filling out the online contact form and you will receive information on how to earn a free hair transplant from this offshore clinic.

Bauman Battle of the Balding Free Hair Transplant
As part of this past August’s Hair Loss Awareness Month, one Boca Raton, FL doctor took to social media and local airwaves to promote his Battle of the Balding free hair transplant contest. Two area men were selected as finalists in the contest offered by Dr. Alan J. Bauman’s practice with one of the guys receiving a free hair transplant. The winner was awarded a free procedure worth an estimated $5,000 conducted by the local doctor. If you live in the South Florida area, keep your eyes peeled for the return of this hilarious sounding contest next Summer and you too might just walk away the as the champion with a new head of hair.

DHI Free Hair Transplant
DHI Medical is an international leader in the hair transplant industry that provides the direct hair implantation technique and has over 43 years experience in the field of hair restoration. Every year at its annual meeting of DHI Academy Masters, the company offers one free hair transplant to a patient to be performed during the conference. Application is pretty easy. All you have to do to enter is email photos showing off your hair loss situation to to be considered for the free surgery. Check out photos of last years winner and more information on DHI treatments at the link provided above.

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  1. Peter Renardo says:

    Dear Grants Guys, I just read this article for receiving a free hair transplant, so I am inquiring about this. I am a disabled 52 year old man, married and with two grown sons. I began experiencing a receding hairline in highschool, I was afraid that I would suffer extensive baldness, but surprisingly, I only suffered a receded hairline with some thinning only at the frontal few inches. The rest of my scalp is extremely thick and full. Back in 1985, I was going to a place Called Bio Medic of America, on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, and the doctor there, Dr. Joseph E. Olinger, told me about a surgical procedure known to stop,or at least slow down the progression of male pattern baldness. This procedure is called the ligatures of the temporal and occipital superficial scalp arteries. Back in 1985, I flew to Houston, Texas, and I had both my temporal and occipital scalp arteries ligated, and since then I have lost very very little more hair, and the loss has seemed to have stopped years ago. I do not know if this procedure was the reason for this, or I just did not have the genetic predisposition to lose a lot of hair. My late father died at age fifty, and he had a full head of hair, except for a similar widows-peak frontal hairline. My hair loss only got slightly worse than my fathers, and I am almost 53 years old. I also do not have any hair miniaturization going on, and I lose only a few hairs when I wash my hair, so I am confident that my hair loss has either stopped, or is at a snails crawl. My crown in intact. I recently contacted Dr. Joseph Olinger, who still has Bio Medic in Florida, and I asked him if transplants would work on me, since I had these four scalp arteries ligated. Dr. Olinger assured me that hair transplants would work very well on me, as he had his arteries ligated in the 1980 and transplants that are still growing strongly in his seventies. I would only want to have the fue type of transplants because I do not want a linear scar on the back of my head. I already have two small scars from the occipital ligatures done in 1985. So, if you do perform gratis hair transplantation, I would like to add my name to your list of hopeful candidates. Again, I am disabled and receiving SSD since 1999, so money is a big problem for me and my wife, but I have always wanted to fix my receded, thinned frontal hairline. I would think I need only about 1,000 grafts, or so, and I have more than ample donor hair. Please let me know if you do perform gratis hair transplants for men in my situation. Thank you, Sincerely, Peter Renardo

    • Bill says:

      I will give u a free transplant with all the pubic hair I can find at the end of the day in the showers. I’m a janitor at the Y

  2. Darrell Thomas says:

    I lost all the hair on my head when I was 20. I am only 39 now and it is so embarrassing to always have to wear a hat. Peoples always ask me why I always were a hat, I never tell them why. I would give anything to have my hair back again.

  3. Gene J Darling says:

    I’m starting to go bald and it really bothers me. I hope I am a recipient for this grant. It would make me soooo happy. I like what i,ve read on your site. ThankYou.

  4. Alba Alvarez says:

    I’m not feeling good because I lost my hair when I was 30 years old. I now 41 and I have to use fake ponytail because I dont look good without hair… I need my hair. I dont have money for implants. God bless you!

  5. Israel Navarro says:

    Hey grant guys, I am 34 years old, I am always leaving my house with a baseball cap on because I am so embarrassed of looking like I am so much older than what I really am due to hair loss. My self esteem has gone so low I can really use a grant to help with hair transplant to bring my confidence back. I am way too young to be going through all of this. I feel like I was cheated, please help.

  6. Peter Renardo says:

    Dear Sirs, I am a disabled 54 year old man with minimal frontal hair loss. I have been unable to work since 1999, so I cannot afford fue transplants. I found this site and I am hoping you will pick me to receive gratis fue transplants. I only need the frontal hairline and widows peak strengthened, maybe 1,500 grafts.The rest of my scalp is very thick and full, so my supply/demand ratio is excellent. Please consdider me for gratis fue transplants. Thank you, Peter Renardo

  7. Peter Renardo says:

    You are offering gratis fue transplants here? Are you being honest? I am a disabled 54 year old man from a severe spinal injury and I have undergone seventeen surgeries. I cannot work anymore, and I have been unable to work since 1999, so I cannot afford fue transplants. My hair loss is only in the frontal hairline, while the rest of my scalp is very thick and full. Back in 1985, I flew to Houston, Texas where I had a surgical procedure on my scalp called the ligatures of the superficial scalp arteries. I had both my temporal and both my occipital scalp arteries ligated. This procedure is known to help stem, and even sometimes reverse the evolution of male pattern baldness. While I did not regrow any lost hair, I’ve only lost a very small amount more over the past 30 years. I do not have any hair miniaturization, so it is safe to say that my degree of male pattern baldness has stopped, or is at a very slow snails crawl. But, I cannot afford fue transplants. Is there any way you can offer me fue transplants at no charge? Maybe I can help in the office, or something to compensate. Please let me know. Sincerely, Peter Renardo

  8. Peter Renardo says:

    Please include me in the free fue transplant offer. I am disabled from a severe spinal injury, I’ve undergone seventeen major surgeries, I was deemed disabled for life in a court of law and awarded Social Security Disability for life. I have been unable to work since 1999, so I could never be able to afford this procedure. My hair loss in only in the front, a receded hairline with a bit of thinning in the very front, but the rest of my scalp is very thick and full, and I have more than ample donor follicles. Please add me to the list of gratis fue transplant recipients. Thank you. Sincerely, Peter Renardo. My telephone number is 708-687-8428

  9. Peter Renardo says:

    Then, why does Grants Guys appear on he Bosley hair transplant site, if you don’t pay for this procedure? This makes no sense.

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