Free Dental Work A Solution To A Growing Problem

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Free Dental Help

Beverley Before/After

Grants Guys is currently working with the Wildflower Clinic to help sponsor 1 person every quarter with denture funds. I was happy to talk with Caroline Volk who is the Wildflower Outreach Nurse/Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator. Caroline reached out to me to express how some of their patients were in need of funds for dentures. The Wildflower is run by volunteers and offers 100% free dental work to their patients. Caroline was able to find a local Dr. who was willing to construct quality dentures at the amazing price of $395 for a full set.

Grants Guys First Sponsor Beverley

Grants Guys is happy to share the story of our first sponsor Beverley. She has new dentures and is looking forward to a life with increased confidence and hence, opportunity! Last week she was told about our offer to help and she was very grateful. When Caroline saw her last week she wrote “my life has been a whirlwind for a while. I approached the homeless shelter last year when I had to leave where I was staying which took a toll on me as I was looking after a family member at the time. So here I am, down on my feet and my luck and the Wildflower Clinic has been a God send for me. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and have a part time job, but for years I have had a bad tooth decay problem and my teeth keep falling out. Getting new teeth will make me overjoyed and give me the confidence to go back to school and get more qualifications in nursing and earn enough money to get myself back on my feet and out of the homeless shelter. I am so embarrassed about my teeth it would mean so much to get new teeth”.

Today when Caroline saw her she had a big smile on her face! She is starting a second job today and is looking into going back to school in the new year. She is also wanting to give back to the Wildflower Clinic and we are signing her up to volunteer with taking blood pressures and helping out with our ongoing outreach program when she can.

What You May Want To Know

As you may already know finding free help can be very challenging. Many of the people who contact me each day could very easily rack up a 5 figure dental bill. I have been doing this for a while now and hopefully can share with you the necessary steps you are going to need to take to have your dental nightmare come to an end.

Hello, my name is Carl Evangelista and I am part of the Grants Guys Team. I have been assigned directly to this cosmetic dental work funding program and have a personal connection to this topic. In 2010 my dad had a seizure luckily he has made a full recovery. He was prescribed a medication that he has to take for the rest of his life this caused him to lose his teeth. The bill for his cosmetic dental work was about $5,000 and for him raising the funds was challenging. He was not at retirement age and if he had not had the work done he would have lost his job due to his appearance.

Ok, let me start by saying your dental work is going to come from a state or city level. Not from the government. Just like the story about Beverly the support is local. There are many programs at your state and city level that offer free dental work. If you are located in a big city then most likely that’s where you will want to look. So before you start looking into denture you are going to need to have all of your cosmetic dental work taken care of first.

Mission of Mercy Events

Mission of Mercy Events

One of the best places I can offer for you to look first is the Mission of Mercy Events. It is held in over 30 states and I have already put together the full list for you. Follow this link to see if your state is on the list .

Join our  Free Dental Work Program Community Page to connect to other people facing the same obstacle. Find solutions and get support the community is hosted on G+.

If you would like to see the other programs being offered for dentures and dental work please visit our article on Free Denture Programs. These programs are not associated with they are programs that we have reviewed and approve of.

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  1. Devra Denny says:

    I’m not really sure as to what this entails? What needs to be done to get financial help for dental work?

    • Hello Devra at this time I am building the support foundation for the program. If you are interested in being a part of the launch then I can add you to the waiting list.

      • Deborah says:

        I was attacked and all but 3 teeth knocked out. Now the 3 teeth are so bad and broken from over use. I am always fighting infections and I can’t get work because I look so bad and I am always sick. I am a widow and I don’t have dental insurance can someone please help? Please?

  2. Gayla Henry says:

    I am in terrible need of dentures. I have leukemia and the chemo therapy caused my teeth to decay. My Doctor required most be pulled before my 2nd bone marrow transplant. I currently have 6 teeth left they are on the bottom and are in bad shape. My doctor is insisting they be pulled right away due to medical issues. I would really like to cap them so I can keep them. Then I would need upper dentures and a partial for the bottom.

    I am a fighter. My husband poisoned me with benzine instead of dividing the assets. After being in a coma for 9 months I came back to my family against all the advice of the best oncologist Moffitt Cancer Center provided. I’ve been told 6 times I had 30 days or less, yet I am still here. It has been 5 years since my last bone marrow transplant. I am not in remission because it is not below 5 %, however it is not progressing at the time. I am in the hospital now. It appears I will be here another 12 weeks. I had emergency surgery on my back Monday 9-22-14. An infection I most likely received at Moffit Cancer Center through one of the many procedures set up an infection in my spine. It has caused me to have 2 discs removed from my lower spine. I was in perfect health before my husband deemed money was more important than my life. I am permanently disabled but only draw 901.00$ per month because my husband chose to not pay SS benefits on me as an officer of our business. I have to then pay my student loans and insurance for medicare out of that which leaves me to receive 700.00$ a month to live on. Without my 75 yr. Old disabled father paying almost all my debts I would not survive. I would be homeless. I am 48 yes old and once held the title of Mrs. Hawaiian Tropic as well as many others. Now I look to be 70 yes old and struggle daily to break 100lbs. As it is difficult to eat without teeth. I don’t leave my house except for medical issues & won’t allow anyone to come visit. I am too ashamed of my appearance. I plead with you to help me. 8706963847 or 8709049847. Gayla. Thank you so much for any consideration and help you can possibly find/give me.

  3. John Johnson says:

    I need upper dentures. My gums ache from the way I am having to chew. I am also losing weight!

  4. Angela says:

    I’m interested in the denture program.

  5. Melissa says:

    I’m interested in this program.

  6. Kristy Berbach says:

    I am a widow that lives on social security and I can not afford to pay for bottom dentures. Could u please let me know who I can contact in Pittsburgh to see if I can get dental help in this matter. Thank you for your help. Kristy Berbach

    • Hello Kristy, There are many options when it comes to getting free dental work this is not the case with dentures. Often times people get the prep work done for free and the local clinic has cheap solutions for dentures. I can recommend you to a location in Pittsburgh that offers a free denture consolation and they also offer a free second opinion. That office is Denture Express the phone number for making an appointment is 412-261-1010.

  7. Allison White says:

    I have almost no teeth left and really need help because I can hardly eat. I am on SSDI and my insurance doesn’t cover what I need to have done. Please help me I beg you. I would love nothing more than to be able to smile without having to cover my mouth. Please, please help me. Thank you

  8. Karen Nuzman says:

    I am disabled and a single mom. I was in a very abusive marriage for years before I left. He was charged with attempted murder. My teeth have been braking and falling out. I don’t smile because of my teeth and only leave my house to go to doctors. I am ashamed of the way I look. Is there anyone that could help me get my smile back?

  9. Katrina Anderson says:

    Each and every comment I see is very sad I hope everyone is able to get help. I’m a 31 year old disabled mother. I understand the shame people have as most of my teeth are failing or broken. Even walking into my kids school or grocery shopping is horrifying and embarrassing. My social anxiety is worse than ever before. I’m always so tired because I am up every night in pain. At times its so unbearable and it makes me feel hopeless. But I have little boys who need me, I do not feel I am giving them 100%. One thing I know for sure is that they will get the dental treatment they need one just had $7,000 worth of work because I will not set them up for failure. I was 20 years old and pregnant the 1st time I ever saw a dentist. Its great to see there is caring people who want to try to help everyone. Its a sad thing when you can’t smile. I will pray for each and every person whose comment I read. Thank you and god bless you all.

  10. Heather says:

    I am confused do you have to apply for a loan to get help?

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