Forestry Grants Plant Trees and Fund Community Gardening Efforts

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Forestry GrantsGroups looking to plant trees can apply for and receive forestry grants from several sources to help fund their local projects. Forestry funding comes from the United States Government and from a private foundation dedicated to preserving the health and viability of our national forests and grasslands.

ASDA Urban and Community Forestry Challenge
The U. S. Forest Service provides annual funding for forestry projects through its Urban and Community Forestry Challenge. This years funding is for projects that focus on the health of urban and community forests, improve water quality through planting projects and explore green job infrastructure. All 50 states receive funding through this federal grant program. Those looking to plant trees in local programs should search for their state’s agency that distributes this funding on the local level. Here are some examples of where to look in your own state for forestry funding.

Alabama Forestry Commission
In Alabama, the Forestry Commission distributes federal funding to local communities that provide professional forestry programs. Funding is available to both local governments and to non-profit organizations that manage community forestry projects. For more information on how your local effort can apply for funding email

New York Department of Environmental Conservation
New York distributes this funding through a cost sharing program with local programs. Requests can vary from $2,500 to $50,000 depending on the size of each community. Applications are accepted from a number of types of groups looking to provide a forestry project including local governments, non-profit organizations and schools. Applications are due annually in December.

National Forest Foundation
This foundation received its initial funding from Congress in 1991 and partners with the U. S. Forest Service to provide support to America’s 193 million acres of wildlands. It offers a number of grant programs that provide support to local forestry efforts. Non-profit organizations focused on conservation of forests and grasslands can apply for both on-the-ground and capacity-building grants. It also offers $100,000 in yearly funding to students exploring market-based solutions to forestry challenges through its Barrett Foundation Prize.

Grants for Community Gardens
If your local project also involves the planting of an urban or community garden, check out our article on grants available for these types of projects. You might find additional funding for your forestry effort especially through the Fiskars program that supports urban planting projects in unused urban spaces.

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  1. Senkubuge Nelson says:

    I am in currently in Uganda and have obtained what is called an investment license that gives me the rights to plant a 900 acre forest. I am now looking for grant support to make this green dream of mine come true.

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