Football Grants Provide Equipment and Field Funding

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Football GrantsThe grant support from the world of football mainly goes to help out youth football programs. These football grants come from right where you’d expect them too, also. Football grants are offered by the professional football industry, turf and equipment suppliers and associations dedicated to the sport that many Americans have adopted as our unofficial national pastime. Sorry, baseball, you know it’s true. These grants support a thriving football community that many get involved in at an early age and continue their love of the sport throughout their entire life.

For those of you that do not live in the United States who might be confused why we silly Americans insist on calling this sport football, we recently covered a few sources for soccer grants where similar types of grants are offered by several soccer associations and foundations. But the football grants listed below are to support our adaptation of football in a game where 22 men fight over moving a pigskin a whole 100 yards every fall.

Field Turf Football Field Grants
Field Turf is a major supplier of artificial turf used around the world in stadiums that not only play host to football, but to tennis, soccer, lacrosse and baseball, as well. Its synthetic grass system is used in over 7,000 facilities including some that have hosted Super Bowls, the World Series, major soccer events and college bowl games. In partnership with USA Football, the company offers rather sizable field building grants of $50,000 each that can be used to provide your new facility with a synthetic turf product. And the company issues 8 of these grants each year. The grant is only available to groups building new fields inside the United States but is open to non-profit organizations, government agencies, public schools and Indian tribal organizations. Be aware that you must either own the land you plan to build on or hold at minimum a 10 year lease to be eligible to apply. Applications are accepted for this grant every spring between February and April. For more information, call 317-614-7748 or send an email to

NFL Foundation
Formerly called the NFL Youth Football Fund, the NFL Foundation continues to offer support to youth football programs. Also in partnership with USA Football, the NFL offers a number of grant programs that support everything from flag football, the Punt, Pass and Kick competition and youth football camps. The really neat aspect to the grant program is that the camps supported through these NFL grants are organized, run and often coached by former NFL coaches and players, giving the kids involved an up close and personal experience that will truly last a lifetime. Applications for the Youth Football Camp Grant are accepted every spring from April to May and are open to non-profit organizations and schools associated with a former NFL player or coach. Grants awarded range in size from $1,000 to $4,000 each and can be used to support any program working with youth athletes.

USA Football Equipment Grants
USA Football is the game’s national governing body inside the United States. The organization spearheads the effort to develop interest in the game and makes a major focus of its mission exposure of the sport to our youth. Every spring, the organization accepts grant proposals from youth football organizations and schools who require funding to be able to afford equipment needed by their programs. Youth football programs that hold 501c3 status are able to apply for and receive $1,000 grants to purchase equipment. And high school football programs that serve students from grades 9-12 can also apply for and receive $1,500 each for equipment purchases. If you have any question about how USA Football can help assist your non-profit or school youth football program, call them toll-free 1-877-536-6822 or check out their Facebook page.

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  1. We are the Ketchum Warriors football team. We are a small school and are looking for a football grant.

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