Fire Department Grants Pay for Much Needed Equipment Purchases

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Fire Department GrantsThere is no amount of support for fire departments that could be considered enough. As proven time and time again in fire and rescue operations, our first responders put their lives on the line to make a difference in dangerous situations. But as many departments are simply understaffed and underfunded, the grants that offer financial support to fire departments are sorely needed. These grants offer assistance for the purchase of firefighting and fire safety equipment, to provide necessary training to keep our firefighters safe and to develop community education programs that help lower the risk our firefighters find themselves placed in every single day. Fire department grants come from a number of sources including the federal government, private foundations and corporations who support fire departments through corporate responsibility programs.

FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program
The grants offered to fire departments through the Federal Emergency Management Agency include AFG or Assistance to Firefighters, SAFER or Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response and FF&S or Fire Prevention and Safety. These grants provide funding for the purchase of fire safety equipment, to provide quality training programs in underfunded departments and to develop community fire safety programs in at-risk communities. For more information on any of these grants, contact FEMA toll-free at 1-866-274-0960 or send an email to

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company Heritage Program
This insurance company was started way back in 1863 with a pledge to support widows and orphans of firefighters lost in the call of duty with 10% of corporate profits. Its commitment to this cause continues today through the Heritage Program. Since 2004, the company has provided over $30 million in grants to fire departments and non-profit organizations to fund equipment, training and community education programs. To apply for assistance, complete this brief online survey to make Fireman’s Fund aware of your department’s specific needs. To contact the company about the grant program email

Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation
Firehouse Subs is a chain of 660 restaurants founded by former firemen. It should come as no surprise that its charity of choice is to support firefighters and first responders. It started its own foundation in 2005 and offers grants that provide for education, equipment and disaster relief for fire departments nationwide. It raises money through a number of ways, allowing customers to donate in each of its restaurants, through the sale of pickle buckets and several yearly tennis and golf tournament fundraisers. To apply for assistance, visit the company website to request a grant.

Firefighters Charitable Foundation
This foundation not only provides support to victims of fire and disaster but also to local fire departments through a number of grants. It offers support to both paid and volunteer fire departments to purchase fire fighting equipment and vehicles, to purchase AED devices, to provide smoke detectors through community programs and to work with area juveniles through fire safety and prevention programs. To apply for any of these grant opportunities simply visit the foundation’s website and fill out the grant application form.

Firefighters Support Foundation
FSF is a non-profit corporation which solicits private donations and distributes this funding to fire departments. All of the grants provided by this foundation go to purchase critically needed fire equipment. These FSF Equipment Grants are available to all fire and rescue departments operating inside the United States. To contact the foundation for more information about this fire equipment grant program, email

Volunteer Fire Department Grants
Sources for funding for volunteer departments include the federal Volunteer Fire Assistance Program offered by the US Forest Service and a State Farm corporate grant to develop fire safety programs in rural communities. VFA funding is handled on a state by state basis and departments looking for funding should locate their local state program to apply for assistance. We’ve provided three examples of how this program is handled in various states.

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