Lung Cancer Patient Financial Assistance Offered by Cancer Care

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Financial Assistance for Lung Cancer PatientsCancer Care is a nationwide non-profit organization based out of New York City that offers support to individual patients diagnosed with cancer and their families. The organization provides as a portal for its counseling services, support groups and community programs for lung cancer patients. In addition, it offers financial support to those suffering from lung cancer. While it does not provide financial assistance for paying basic living expenses like rent, utilities or food, it does offer help for medical related costs. Funding received can be used to pay for things such as transportation to and from cancer treatment, home care, child care and pain medication. The organization also provides assistance to those with medical insurance that cannot afford to pay co-payments for cancer treatment medication.

Who is Eligible for Assistance?
The program only offers assistance to men that either live in New York City or in the San Diego or Imperial Counties of California. Women can apply for assistance as long as they are a resident of the United States or Puerto Rico. Either must already be receiving active treatment for lung cancer and this diagnosis must be confirmed by an oncology provider. To be eligible for assistance under the Cancer Care program, you must also be at or below 250% of federal poverty guidelines.

How Do You Apply?
To apply for help simply call toll-free 1-800-813-4673. The help line is available Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 7 PM and on Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. After completing a short interview which will confirm your eligibility, Cancer Care will mail you a full application. Complete this application with your oncology provider and return it to the organization. If you have any further questions about the program, contact Cancer Care by calling the toll-free number or by sending an email to

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