How Equestrian Grants Help Our Horses and Heroes

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Equestrian GrantsEquestrian grants mainly support involvement with horses by those with special needs. There are also grants for horses that support rescue efforts for neglected animals that not only save horses from terrible living conditions but also rehabilitate, foster and adopt these animals. There is also one grant making organization that supports the equestrian sport and provides funding for programs that increase access to equestrian to our young people. In all cases, these equestrian grants promote the bond between humans and horses and the rather special results that both can have through these activities.

Equus Foundation
This foundation is currently celebrating 10 years since it was first created and in that short time has already provided well over $2 million in funding to non-profit organizations that work with horses. Equus funds groups that work to improve the quality of life of these animals and programs that introduce horses to special needs communities. Grants are traditionally awarded in the amount of $500 to $5,000 each as long as this amount does not exceed 5% of the program’s operating budget. To apply, you must be a non-profit organization with 501c3 status and be a member of the Equine Welfare Network. Applications are accepted annually during a very short window of opportunity between May 1 and May 15. Generally funding decisions are reached by the end of August with funds distributed to winning organizations no later than the end of September. For more information including a long list of things funding cannot be used for, visit the Equus Foundation website. Or you can call 203-259-1550 or email

Horses for Heroes
This is a pretty neat organization based in New Mexico that offers its Cowboy Up! program to veterans. It has an overall priority of working with those based in New Mexico but if space is available accepts applications from those outside of the state as well. Vets selected to participate do not need to have any prior ranch or horse experience and can choose to enroll in a 10 day retreat or can even attend sessions on a part-time basis. While not necessarily a rehab program in nature, the program is intended for veterans who have either been wounded in action or suffer from PTSD. The program offers horsemanship training and participants even learn how to work with livestock. Horses for Heroes is completely funded through private donations and operated by volunteers that donate their time at the ranch. For more information, call 505-798-2535 or email

Horses Helping Heroes Project
This project is another horse based training program offered to veterans and first responders who are either disabled or have other special needs. It is based in Virginia and offers classes at absolutely no charge to the program participants. The program involves an 8 week session where vets are assigned a horse on day one and spend the rest of their time in the program completing a series of horsemanship tasks. Participants who complete the program are given a Horsemanship Achievement Certification through the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia. If you are someone you know is interested in enrolling in the program, visit the project’s website to download an enrollment form. For more information, call Debi Demick at 757-356-0408 or send an email to

USA Equestrian Trust
Although the name of this group has changed many times over the years, this trust was originally founded in 1917 as the American Horse Show Association. In its current form, the trust provides regular grant funding of around $300,000 a year to organizations that promote or are involved in equestrian sports. It handles grant requests in two funding cycles each year. These are accepted by email only. To inquire about grants offered by USA Equestrian Trust or for more information about the grant making process, send an email to Check the website for frequently asked questions and updates on upcoming grant cycles and deadlines.

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