Dyslexia Grants Provide Funding for Testing and Treatment Programs

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Dyslexia GrantsDyslexia is a condition which affects the ability to learn to read, but its effects can reach far beyond literacy if the individual dealing with the condition does not receive proper help. First of all, it’s important to note that dyslexia is not something you can really prevent because we don’t know its exact cause. Although about 17% of the population struggles with it, the brain disorder itself is not something we know how to prevent. And the condition is found equally in both boys and girls. We do know that there is a linkage to certain genetic markers and that it cannot simply be outgrown. We also understand that this is an interpretative language issue and not just a visual one where people see things backwards. Actually, dyslexic children and adults don’t actually see letters backwards as was once thought. What happens is that they experience difficulty processing sounds and distinguishing between similar letters and words.

The really cool thing though is that dyslexic children can easily be helped. If their condition is recognized early enough and they get the correct help, these children can be taught to read through special instruction. This helps decrease the residual effects of the dyslexic condition such as depression, anxiety, etc that many children go on to experience. But where do you get help? Thankfully, there are organizations that provide grants to support testing services for children who have dyslexia. This testing ensures that children who have the disorder receive the special attention they need to overcome this common learning disability.

Donegan Burns Foundation
Since April 2012, the Donegan Burns Foundation has offered the Dyslexia Testing and Intervention Grant awarding thousands of dollars in the fight towards literacy. This is a private foundation that has made it a goal to help those underserved with this learning disability. Through its grants that assist with teacher education, equipment, testing and intervention, the Donegan Burns Foundation has touched thousands of lives. The program is available to schools, afterschool programs and non-profit organizations that work with children. Its funding helps to intervene before at-risk, dyslexic children reach third grade. With this support these children can and do learn to read. Grants can range from $5,000 to $25,000 and you can apply for funding each year for up to three years in a row. In order to get started, the foundation asks that you first submit a letter of inquiry. They will respond to your inquiry within 60 days and if you meet the grant specifications they will then ask for a full proposal.

Dyslexia Services Foundation
The Dyslexia Services Foundation funds and fights dyslexia using a dual approach. By funding evaluation and treatment for children from low-income families, the foundation helps to put a dent in the problem facing an estimated 61 million Americans who have trouble reading. DSF understands that it takes more than the standardized teaching and screening available in our regular school systems. That’s why the foundation intervenes when a child having difficulty is brought to their attention. DSF wants to help these higher-risk, low-income children have a chance to learn to read. There is of course a process to go through and this begins by filling out a grant application. The foundation will review the application and then if the applicant meets the foundation’s rules and regulations they will make contact so a project proposal can be sent in for consideration.

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  1. Jenniffer Lane says:

    I am seeking help funding the re-training of my sons’ brain. He has 3 forms of severe dyslexia, hypotonia, ocd, add, anxiety and depression from the seizures in the right side of his brain. The cost of the recommended program is $35 per 45 minutes session. His pediatric nuerologists are recommending five session per week. It may take him 2-3 years to complete the program. We have no dyslexic teachers in our schools and I have been told there is no funds to train or hire any by the special education department. If you can help at all or can give me any information who can help, please contact me any time via email or my address. Jenniffer Lane 600 East Pennsylvania Avenue Peoria, IL. 61603 (312) 465-0647. I really appreciate your time. Thank you

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