Detroit Grants Get the Motor City Moving with Free Funding

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Detroit GrantsDetroit was in the news this year for all the wrong reasons, filing bankruptcy in July for an estimated $18.5 billion in debt. This was the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in United States history. And it’s not just the city that is in trouble financially. Detroit is littered with vacant lots and abandoned buildings and the local economy has been devastated by the downsizing and outsourcing of jobs. It is truly one of the most deserving places in the United States for grant support. For this reason, many local and national foundations are in fact stepping in to provide much-needed help.

City Connect Detroit Youth Mini-Grants
City Connect Detroit was founded in 2001. It is a civic-based non-profit dedicated to solving local problems. Since its start, it has provided over $115 million in funding toward more than 40 community problem solving initiatives. Every year, it also provides $5,000 to $10,000 mini-grants for youth development programs. For more information about any of the grant opportunities offered by City Connect Detroit, contact David Cherry by calling 313-967-5641.

Detroit Lions Living for the City Program
The philanthropic program provided by the Detroit Lions professional football franchise is called Living for the City. It supports local organizations working on health and wellness and community development initiatives. There is no application process for this program as it does not offer grants, but rather makes decisions on where to place local investments through community partnerships. If your organization fits the bill of what Living for the City tends to fund, contact the Lions front office to find out how to partner with this program by filling out this online contact form.

Kresge Foundation
Kresge is a national foundation founded in 1924, but it has long had an interest in the City of Detroit. Based out of Troy, Michigan, it maintains a Detroit office and provides the local area with a specific grant program called Re-Imagining Detroit. In 2011 alone, it pumped over $25 million into local community partnerships. Grant support is not only offered to non-profit organizations but to local governments, businesses and other partners. These local investments include funding for education, transit development, arts and culture, health and human services and more. Those interested in applying for funding are encouraged to sign up for the Kresge Foundation’s email subscription and social media to receive updates on new opportunities as they become available. For more information about Detroit area grants offered by Kresge, call 248-643-9630 or fill out this contact form to send an email to the foundation’s staff.

McGregor Fund
This local fund was created in 1925 and has provided close to $200 million in grant assistance to local organizations during its history. 100% of this support is provided to assistance programs serving the Detroit tri-county area. Priorities for the fund’s grantmaking are arts and culture, education, health care, human services and other programs involving public benefit. Organizations interested in applying for grant support are asked to review guidelines and eligibility requirements and to contact the fund’s staff directly to discuss potential funding. To start that process, please send an email to or call 313-963-3495.

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