Childhood Obesity Grants Fund Further Study of This Epidemic

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Childhood Obesity GrantsChildhood obesity is an epidemic in America today. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in just the last thirty years the percentage of our children who are considered obese has skyrocketed from 6% in 1980 to 18% by 2010. The cause for the explosion in obesity rates in our youth is a question for the medical research community, with a large amount of grants that fund the study of the causes of obesity in general including why childhood obesity has tripled in recent years. The long-term consequences are huge, with 70% of obese kids going on to remain overweight as adults. Obesity increases the risk of many diseases and health problems. If left unchecked, the rates of childhood obesity will have a tremendous effect on the future of healthcare and our overall health as a nation.

National Institutes of Health Grants
The NIH is an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services. Described as the nation’s medical research agency, it funds professional study that expands our knowledge about health and disease. The NIH is a worldwide leader in biomedical research with one of its major areas of focus being obesity. There are currently over fifty obesity-related funding opportunities open for submissions on the agency website, many of which deal with childhood obesity specifically. The major goals of this research are to identify obesity’s many causes, to better understand its effect on a variety of medical problems and to develop strategies to curb the problem. Under each listing for these research projects, information is provided about each grant including opening and closing dates, examples of topics sought and how to apply as a researcher. In most cases, you can apply for these grants electronically.

Obesity Society Grants
This is a professional society for obesity experts, researchers and academics. Membership is available to students interested in the study of obesity as well. It offers several grant programs that fund new approaches in obesity research. Early career research grants are open to new researchers who have received their PhD within the last five years or an MD in the last eight years. Grants are awarded for up to $25,000 that fund innovative research into solutions for obesity. The society also offers named research grants to association members. These grants start at $25,000. Its current opportunity seeks the study of dietary cause and effect in obese children. In addition to these two research grants, the society offers annual travel grants to attend its yearly meeting.

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