Cancer Research Grants Fund the Fight to Cure Cancer

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Cancer Research GrantsA cancer diagnosis was once simply a death sentence but tremendous progress has been made in the fight against cancer over the last few decades. Much of what we now know about the disease and how to effectively treat it is the result of years of hard work accomplished by medical researchers. Cancer research grants are the fuel to this fire but in recent years federal budget cuts have drastically reduced the amount of funding available for this noble profession. Now more than ever, private sources for cancer research grants are the future of the fight. Here are a few great organizations that offer this funding and how to apply for their grants.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Alex Scott was a little girl from Pennsylvania who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma before she was even a year old. When she was only four, she decided she wanted to do what lots of other kids do. She wanted to start her own lemonade stand. But this was no ordinary lemonade stand. Alex’s front yard business would raise money for pediatric cancer research. Her lemonade stand pulled in over $2,000 that year and this foundation was born. In 2004, Alex lost her fight with cancer at the age of eight. In four short years, she had raised an amazing $1 million to fight the disease that had taken her life. Alex’s family continues to run this foundation today and its done some amazing work. ALSF has handed out funding to over 375 individual research projects since Alex passed away, truly honoring this extraordinary child who wanted to help others struggling with childhood cancer like herself. Applications are accepted through an online grant application on the foundation’s website. To browse up to date guidelines or to apply, visit the link above. Have further questions? Give the foundation a call at 610-649-3038.

American Cancer Society
Now celebrating its 100th year, the ACS is far from just an advocacy organization. This society is the number one private provider of cancer research funding in the United States. It focuses a great deal of this support toward those just entering the field of cancer research. It also endows teams of junior researchers working in college and university environments. Last year ACS issued around 290 individual research grants to the tune of $150 million in overall funding. For more information, click the above link to read our full profile on this outstanding organization.

American Institute for Cancer Research
Thirty years ago, this institute was founded to explore the link between diet and cancer to determine if we could boost our prevention rates of the disease by changing our nutrition. Well, the answer was yes. AICR continues this valuable work today, funding cancer research concerning diet, weight and physical activity through its research grant program. Those interested in applying should file their letter of intent no later than January 27 each year. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the institute website to sign up for email updates on upcoming grants. Have a question? Contact the AICR by calling 1-800-843-8114 or by sending an email to

Breast Cancer Research Grants
Breast Cancer is a cause we become more than familiar with every October, but the fight against this type of cancer is taken to task year round by medical researchers looking into its causes and treatment options. We covered the major sources for breast cancer research grants here at Grants Guys as part of our commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness month earlier this year. Click the link above to read about what Komen and several other foundations are offering and how to apply for these grants.

Cancer Research Institute
Helen Nauts created CRI in 1953 with support from Nelson Rockefeller. She founded this institute to honor her late father Dr. William Coley, a noted pioneer in the field of cancer treatment who has been called the Father of Immunotherapy. The institute has successfully infused hundreds of millions of dollars into programs for cancer research, providing funding to 3,100 researchers and counting. Its grants begin the fight against cancer at the university level, offering fellowships to both graduate and doctoral students and to assistant faculty. It also offers grants to scientists working in clinics and laboratories with a mission of bringing lifesaving therapies to the front lines where cancer patients are receiving help. For more information about grants offered by CRI, call 212-688-7515 or fill out this online request form to contact the institute’s staff.

Lung Cancer Research Grants
Back in September, we covered five major sources for cancer research grants specifically offered to investigate lung cancer. It may not surprise you that the American Lung Association is a major force here. But it did surprise us just how much funding is available for lung cancer research. Click the link above to read our full article on grants being offered to fund lung cancer research and to find out how to apply for these grants.

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