Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Offered by 10 Grant Programs

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Breast Cancer Financial AssistanceBack in October, we took a look at grants that fund the fight against breast cancer as part of our contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This included some coverage of breast cancer grants that help patients struggling with the cost of treatment and the valuable role that grants play in funding breast cancer research grants. Earlier this week, we received a request from a Grants Guys reader whose mom is currently undergoing treatment and finding it difficult to make ends meet financially. So I did what we do here and dropped what I was working on and took a hard look at it for her. I’m pleased to say that I turned up more help than we found before and I’m happy to pass this information on to those that desperately need it.

Financial assistance for breast cancer patients takes a few forms. Knowing the high cost of treatment can make it difficult to pay normal bills, several programs offer financial assistance for general living expenses. These will help cover your rent and utility payments at a time when you’re most likely unable to work. Other programs fund medical expenses directly. There are patient assistance programs that offer free prescriptions. There are even a few places to turn to that offer copay assistance to help pay for costs not covered by insurance. I hope this information will help our reader and her mom and others in their situation as they attempt to get through the financial hurdles associated with breast cancer treatment.

Cancer Care Financial Assistance
Supports women diagnosed with breast cancer with funding for transportation, home care, childcare and medications. To apply, you must be at or below 250% of federal poverty guidelines. Applications are handled over the phone by calling toll-free 1-800-813-HOPE.

Catherine Fund
Women in active breast cancer treatment with assets of less than $5,000 can apply to this fund and receive a grant for non-medical expenses. Women selected will have payments made to their rental, mortgage or utility companies on their behalf. You can receive one grant per year. Grants are available anywhere in the United States. Send an email to to request your application.

Chronic Disease Fund
This fund helps those diagnosed with breast cancer and other chronic diseases in three ways. Insured patients can apply for copayment assistance. Uninsured patients are eligible for free prescriptions. And the fund offers travel assistance including airfare, lodging and meals when patients must commute to receive lifesaving care.

Co-Pay Relief
The Patient Advocate Foundation provides copayment grants on a first come first served basis to pay copays on prescription medications. Help is available for those suffering from breast cancer and many other cancers and diseases. Registration only takes several minutes through the online form available 24 hours a day.

Help Now Fund
Breast Cancer Charities of America provides this fund for breast cancer patients that offers one-time emergency grants that can be used for rent, utility bills and other expenses. Patients can receive up to $500. To apply, you’ll need to complete the application with your doctor or social worker. Applications are accepted every month from the 1st through the 7th with funding decisions made by the 15th. Email your completed application to or fax it to 936-231-8462.

Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation
This foundation was named to honor Kristy Lasch, a breast cancer patient who was diagnosed at the early age of 22. It helps other women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 30 with financial assistance for medical expenses. To apply for help, you’ll need a letter from your doctor, medical bills and age verification. Got a question? Send them an email at or call 412-872-4125.

Linda Creed Patient Assistance Fund
Offers non-medical financial assistance to women receiving breast cancer treatment from the Delaware Valley and Poconos areas. Money can be used to pay for rent, utility and childcare expenses. Call 215-564-3700 or send an email to to request an application.

Medical Gap Care Fund
Helps women in the Hudson Valley, NY area with expenses of breast cancer treatment not covered by insurance. Only available in Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Ulster and Westchester Counties. Visit their website and call the contact person shown for your county to inquire about assistance.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Assistance
Medicare recipients whose income is 5 times the federal poverty guidelines or less can apply for and receive up to $7,500 per year to put towards medications and treatments of breast cancer and many other diseases. Visit the Patient Access Network Foundation website to apply online or you can do so by phone by calling toll-free 1-866-316-7263.

Pink Fund
Provides money for basic living expenses for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Payments are made directly to your creditors on your behalf for up to 3 months. Visit their website to take an 8 question quiz to see if you qualify. Send them an email at or call toll-free 1-877-234-PINK.

Concerned you may have breast cancer and unable to cover the cost of an exam? Susan G. Komen suggests having a clinical breast exam every three years over the age of 20. Once you reach 40, you should have clinical breast exam and mammogram screening every single year. Catching cancer early is essential to successfully surviving the disease. Cases diagnosed through early detection and screening have the highest survival rates. For those that cannot afford it, the Center for Disease Control offers free and low-cost mammograms and pap tests to low-income women nationwide through the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Visit that link and click on your state on the interactive map to find out if you are eligible and where you can go to get screened in your area.

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  1. Waheeb says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to tell you that I am from Yemen and my wife suffering from breast cancer. I have two sons, and my wife is in the beginning at the age of 27 years.

    I would like to know if possibilities of getting a free grant to treat my wife in your great hospitals.

    I love my wife, and I do not want to lose her from my life.

    Your support and help are high appreciated from me

    • Lori Schneider says:

      I had breast cancer 2yrs ago and i got a lump again and i need help im 46 yrs old im a grammother of 4 and the age are 5 2 2 1 and i want to be around a long time can u please help me

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