Boston Grants Provide Big Foundation Support in Beantown

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Boston GrantsBoston grants are provided by area foundations and support a variety of causes around the city. And while most of these grants are only available for area non-profit organizations, there is one particular grant offered in Boston called the Awesome Grant. It is available to individuals to do something awesome. The idea for this grant not only started in Boston but has now spread like wildfire around the world. The other grants covered here are only available to local non-profits but the size of these grants are tremendously large compared to what we’ve seen in other cities. $100,000 to $150,000 awards are regularly being made by these foundations. Cummings plans to issue ten $1 million grants this year through a new program. Non-profit organization grants in Boston fund programs that work with area youth, fund community development, increase access to affordable housing and provide general operating support. If you live in Beantown, take a moment to check out these Boston grants only available in your local area.

Awesome Foundation
This international foundation now has 88 chapters spread across the globe, but it has its roots in Boston where the idea first came to fruition in 2009. The foundation was created by a group of small local philanthropists who each kicked in $100 toward the Boston chapter’s very first grant. Grants are awarded for $1,000 and don’t come with any of the restrictions often found with grants. You don’t have to be a non-profit organization. You just simply need to have a great idea and apply for the money to do something awesome in Boston. The foundation accepts proposals on an ongoing basis and gets together monthly to award one grant.

Boston Bruins Foundation
The Bruins support charitable causes focused on helping children around the New England area. Applications are accepted year round with one annual deadline of April 1 to be considered for funding. You must be a tax exempt non-profit organization to apply and you must both mail your completed application and send a copy electronically to Have a question about how your youth program can get involved with the Bruins? Call Zack Fitzgerald at 617-624-1928.

Boston Foundation
This local foundation maintains an endowment to specifically fund non-profits in the Boston area. Annually it provides $16 million in support through this Permanent Fund for Boston. Non-profit organizations can apply for three types of grants. The largest opportunity here is in General Operating Support Grants which are available for $150,000 or 10-15% of each group’s operational expenses. These grants can see funding for up to five years. The other two are typically one year awards. Project Support Grants range in size from $25,000 to $100,000. Special Opportunity Grants range in size from $15,000 to $50,000. The application process begins with a letter of inquiry. These letters are considered during four yearly board meetings. A full schedule of deadlines to have your letter considered is provided on the foundation’s website. If you have any questions about how your organization can benefit from this Boston area fund, send an email to

Cummings Foundation
This foundation was created in 1986 by Joyce and Bill Cummings and is based in Woburn, Massachusetts. Its endowment has grown to over $1 billion in assets making it one of the largest foundations in New England. Cummings owns and operates several non-profit assisted living facilities for seniors and recently provided $50 million in funding to the Tuffs University veterinary program. It has affiliations with several other notable philanthropic projects including the Giving Pledge founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The foundation provides a tremendous amount of funding locally supporting non-profit organizations based in Middlesex, Essex and Suffolk Counties. This year it will dole out $20 million in local support. 100 organizations will be selected to receive $100,000 each and 10 others will receive $1 million grants. The application process begins with a letter of inquiry due by January 15. $100,000 grants will be issued in June with the $1 million grants announced by October. Have a question? Contact Executive Director Joel Swets by calling 781-932-7004 or send him an email to

People’s United Community Foundation
This local bank created its own foundation in 2007 putting $60 million to work in areas where it operates branches. The foundation supports non-profit organizations who hold 501c3 status across three impact areas. Grants support community, housing and youth issues and are usually awarded for $2,500 to $7,500. There are three grant cycles each year. To apply, file your application through the foundation’s online grants system by February 1, June 1 or October 1. For more information, call 203-338-6111.

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